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    Castle 2 (about 1800 blocks!) explodes when confronted!

    Attached Files keep2upload.bsg
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    Castle 1 ...this is the best one btw!

    Attached Files keep5c.bsg
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    skins not working with modloader [FIXED]

    I lost skins function completely so I validated game files. that worked. But when I reinstalled modloader it knocked skins off again. same if I do a complete reinstall of game. def using latest mod loader. upshot is I can either have mods available or skins available in game. I can't have both...
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    Rocker Bogie Rock Crawlers

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    Besiege running at wrong bit rate [my bad...I`m an idiot]

    My computer has been running Besiege at 32 bit instead of 64! How do I change that? My PC has 64bit chip & my windows 10 is running at 64. My steam package was in the x86 folder! ( which I don't think it should be) anyone help?
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    Beaster Eggs Katyusha Rockets?

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    Bouncing Bombs! Attached Files
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    New Rotary Bomb Hopper Attached Files
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    BBC1 - rotary magazine bomb chucker
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    Snow Bike

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    New Tank Tread System Attached Files
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    UFO spotted in clouds!?

    UFO sighting! Attached Files
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    Alien Tech or ITR mod? Teaser for my next video: AREA 51
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    Besiege Battle Bots: Round 1

    First ever Team Battle Bots event! featuring: Shade Algae ITR Neutex Core88 Fnom3 The Amazing Twist FBsoldier
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    Will there be a major update before christmas

    Just asking!
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    The Monorail Missions

    WORKSHOP FILE: Please UPVOTE on the Workshop if you like this machine! It's remarkably easy. Just push the little cursor around on the Steam page until it hovers daintily over the cute little Thumbs-Up sign, then press down...
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    Brace to grabber join not saving

    That's it really! I can build a machine with braces going from the business end of a grabber to another block. Machine will function as expected until it is saved afterwhich the braces will not stay attached to grabber. btw grabbers having "stat obj" turned on makes no difference.
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    Ultra Smooth Railtracks