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  1. EatThatPie

    Turning off the ability for another player to copy my machine. (Feature needs a lot of fixing)

    I know this feature is already in the game, but it is imperfect and not reliable. Read below: Simple as that. Ive had 3 cases where someone copied my machine and put it on the shop, or they save it in their files and pass it off as their own, or they use it against you. It should be toggleable...
  2. EatThatPie

    Mod request: Rocket Explosion radius mod

    People like to mess around with rockets and change their explosion power to unbelievable numbers, as it is the only explosive in the game with a changeable power. However the radius is so small (about a block in every direction away from the rocket) that it is useless unless the rocket is...
  3. EatThatPie

    Cant join server?

    I doubt this is a connection issue, because my friend cant join me, and i cant join him. We've been trying to join each other's servers for an hour but it keeps saying "connected" in the top left corner forever. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. EatThatPie

    An option to lock camera to the machine so it doesnt zoom out when a piece flys off.

    Yes, the title is super long, and its better just to explain this one. Sometimes if a balloon is detached from a machine (typically modded ones) it will fly up and the camera will move up with it (why the crap does it do this), even if the core block is back down with the machine. And when the...
  5. EatThatPie

    A "vanilla" tag for machines in the workshop

    Im one of the guys that is more impressed with a 100% vanilla working 4-legged walker than a gigantic multiple-joint mech from pacific rim if its made with mods. This is why I want a "vanilla" tag for machines in the workshop. I dont think you should be able to select this tag youself. (because...
  6. EatThatPie

    Besiege: Weight(Mass) Chart

    I made a scale using a ballast and a hinge, and I decided to weigh every item in the game. Some of them are actually kind of surprising... (Listed in order of which they are found in-game) =======ITEM=======MASS======= CATEGORY: Blocks Small Wooden Block: 0.285 Wooden Block: 0.595 Log Block...
  7. EatThatPie

    "Paste to all blocks button" Suggestion

    Problem: We've all been there. Your making a ridiculously huge machine that has too be very light to move, which means it has to be made out of ballasts. But since a ballast is .50 in mass and a wooden block is .30 in mass, you have to make EVERY SINGLE ballast .20 in mass. You COULD copy/paste...