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  1. Bio-4

    Steering block rotation limitations

    so you're suggesting to set a maximum movement on hinges as well?
  2. Bio-4

    Steam cannon not working.

    too many mods or other programs activated.
  3. Bio-4

    Contractable Spring toggle mode glitch.

    the solution I found is to hold the spring button for a couple of seconds. it works better than just pressing
  4. Bio-4

    Challenge: Musical Machines, because why not?

    awesome! we need more music blocks though
  5. Bio-4

    Since 0.25 Ballast weight cant be chanced

    in previous versions, editing the file to set ballast with a negative amount crashes the game as you open the file in 0.25 not only the game won't crash, but it won't even set the ballasts to a negative value
  6. Bio-4

    Small propellers are invisible in saved machine thumbnail

    as ballasts are, lol, we know that
  7. Bio-4

    Wings and propellers are being weird

    have you been using a mod to edit propellers/wings inclination?
  8. Bio-4

    Besiege vehicles in real life!

    Gronak Better because it's free :PPPP
  9. Bio-4

    Bomber Cockpit Besiege

    Gronac, you have to add attachments, not an image
  10. Bio-4

    Suggestion: Option to Not Overwrite the Thumbnail

    well... even if it's longer you could save the pic and set it as thumbnail
  11. Bio-4


    did the deveopers fxed the bug that allows you to steer this way? and, can someone send me a photo of a plane flap sistem? thanks
  12. Bio-4

    SR-71 Flapbird (Ornithopter)

    I don't know why you used the blackbird's name, but... still, cool stuff :D
  13. Bio-4

    What if instead of multiplayer you could download other peoples machines

    yes, this is a good idea. The programming would be diffcoult though.
  14. Bio-4

    Monthly Challenge January!

    what do you mean by "AK"? guns?
  15. Bio-4

    Mapping blocks to multiple buttons

    Displayter. that'd be an idea hard to do since multiplayer mod is still bugged, but modders are trying to improve them. saying them because we have 3.
  16. Bio-4

    8up: An 8 block machine to beat all 30 zones!

    Ross teaches: How to be patient. :3
  17. Bio-4

    Isn`t it about time we make a better trailer?

    daww love the folding osprey.
  18. Bio-4


    meh, they just look cool. they're powerful as well, of course.
  19. Bio-4

    Easter Eggs

    Well! since it seems that I can't find this anywhere, I'll do it by myself. Here you (yes, you) can post any easter egg that you find in the game. I'd start with two things: 1) the giant bones in level 20 2) when you destroy vases, they give you a kind of crystal have fun posting what you find
  20. Bio-4

    Moveable Sacred Flame

    not working for me lol