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    Dosen't let the creation load

    After the last update when I load my creation it says " This machine uses keys that are also used on the scheme of general control" and it doesn't let de simulation start, what can I do to fix?
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    Is this a bug? Need help please

    So recently I'm making a my besiege creation and I noticed that the bigger the block, the bigger the trigger, but in some blocks, it grow disproportionate to its size, like in this case: And it really messes up with my whole creation, is there any mod or way to fix this?
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    I need help please

    I don't know if this is a bug, but I posted my first creation on steam workshop and it says that the visibility is hidden and only my friends and administers can see it, when I try to change the visibility there are only two options: "Friends-Only" and "Hidden". What do I need to do to change...