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    Easy to fly Quadcopter /W auto stabilisation

    Well... It's a quadcopter. It is very stable and and easy to fly. It is also very durable, you can fly with half of the rotors broken without a problem. Controls: - Arrows = Roll, Pitch - Z & X = Yaw - Left Shift & - Control. =Up & Down PS. Id like to see you guys weaponise this thing :D
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    [SOLVED] *Mod reguest* Throttle mod [SOLVED]

    I got an idea today. Why there isnt a mod that allows you to add or decrease slider values on creation like the throttle option in vector thrusters mod expample car is stopped, pressing up arrow it starts to move. longer i would press it faster it would go when i let go it still would drive the...
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    Working gun W/ Shell eject *Help Needed*

    I have worked around half a year with working shell ejecting gun. And i really think i am first with knockback working ejection. i am not good doing real looking builds so if someone could make real looking frame/body for this gun mechanism. Instructions: First off if you share this just please...
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    Cannon bug

    When you set power of a cannon lets say 10 when it touches fire it only shoots with power of 1 this is annoying with no bounds mod
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    Some Challanges

    I have build all kinds of stuff in besiege and now i want challange myself. So give me some ideas to do in vanilla besiege like: Walker, quad copter and so on... Ill post them here.
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    Besiege Amino

    Hi So i created Besiege Amino If you dont know what Amino is it is website/app where you can make and join communitys so if you want to join here is the link
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    Skin packs

    Okay can some one post some skin packs here because my steam doesnt like me for some reason Thank you Edit:Any way you can post your own skins here. Ill use them