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    PC or Console

    PC or Console
  2. Shoe_Eater

    A laggy hovercraft or floatycraft thing?

    I have no idea what this even is, but it is a hovercraft with its lift supplied by a land vehicle, and the "floating thing" will laggily hoverish on top of it. the land thing has at least THREE HUNDRED AND ****ING TEN water thingys and overall, like One Thousand One Hundred and something blocks...
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    Mod Requests

    This Topic Is For Requests Of Blocks And Mods Only. This is a place where everyone can put requests for mods [for Spaars Modloader] and/or blocks. Please Kindly check to see if the mod you are requesting has already been requested before posting. Update: Hello, i have actually forgotten...
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    [REQUEST] large unpowered wheel

    can someone please make an large unpowered wheel for me
  6. Shoe_Eater

    Un Powered large wheel

    I would like it if there was an unpowered large wheel please
  7. Shoe_Eater

    [REQUEST] Large Wheel UN-Powered Setting