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  1. Signur

    change in the engine ?

    I noticed weeks ago that no new device could have exponential speed (i mean no speed limit) Now, i noticed that you can't stick propellers to wheels. see attached pics for a turbine with tons of propeller in the wheel (old style, can't do it again, old saved planes works, no new one can be done...
  2. Signur

    Weird wheels

    I noticed wheels then to jolt sideways when my vehicules turn around (tank style, no steeering but wheels going in opposite directions) see gif : any idea on a workaround ? this is breaking my machines most of the time because of the stress induced on the supports
  3. Signur

    the hidden blocks

    I just learned about them, especially that stackable propeller... How do i add them to the game ? is there a mod for that ? the multimod seems to be the one that add those but it ain't up to date..
  4. Signur

    Exponential speed gone ?

    since two days, any turbine i make is capped to 190m/s. I got model of planes in store than can go way faster with the same turbine. I can't make a newly made turbine run faster than 190m/s I have noticed the issue on two pc's (one on 7, one on 10) and i got same issue. as i'm using the same...
  5. Signur

    What is the fastest speed in game ?

    How fast have you managed to go ? (speaking of modded games, not vanilla) with a device of any kind (lets say a propeller block on the starting cube set to 999 speed) with a real creation (any kind of plane, car, missile, so on) I made a plane that i managed to get at 4000m/s, i wasn't at top...
  6. Signur

    Weird bug with round armor plate when resizing

    Hi guys, i noticed a strange bug. when resizing a round armor plate that is on a wheel, if the sliders are set to 1.3 or above, it won't stick anymore.
  7. Signur

    How to Reduce / Negate Torque

    Hi, I've been searching post on this topic and yet didn't found much. I'm looking for a way to shut off the uncontrolable yaw on my planes. I use wheels turning in opposite directions (coaxial stuff i think) and make sure the COM is in the exact middle, behind the wings (or in the exact...
  8. Signur

    mod requests : few ideas

    Hi besieger, Here's a few features i would love to see in-game. Bomb : - add a detonate button - add viariable strengh (both were in an old mod that wasn't updated) - add snap points - toggle button to disable / enable explosion on contact (bunker buster) Balloon : - toggle destructibility...