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  1. MaxTCC

    Favourite Mods Tab

    Edits the Mod menu by adding a whole new "Favourites" tab that showcases your favourite mods. You can (un)favourite a mod by clicking on the heart button that'll show up on each of the mods on your list. And if you make your own mods, there's nothing to be worried about, because the buttons will...
  2. MaxTCC

    Can't chat in discord server?

    Is he trying to DM one of those people and they (or me) don't allow direct messages from non-friends? Personally I do that, maybe it's what's happening? Are you trying to DM someone, or just chat in #general?
  3. MaxTCC

    Bad Performance | beast laptop

    You mention in the title that you have a laptop. All laptops have an integrated and a dedicated video card. The one you mentioned is your dedicated card, are you absolutely sure the game is using it and not your integrated card? Since it's an NVIDIA, you can easily check which processes are...
  4. MaxTCC

    I'm Noticing a Trend

    Making multiplayer for a game like this is a big deal and I'm sure it'd have to go through extensive testing. The devs are most likely doing their best, we'll just have to hang tight!
  5. MaxTCC

    Problem. Please. Need help. lol.

    Make sure you have DirectX installed. If it's not you can try going here to install it. Try to update all your video card drivers, and make sure your video card works. Press the Windows Key + R to open the "Run" menu, and type "dxdiag", followed by pressing Enter. Switch to the "Display" tab and...
  6. MaxTCC

    [Spaar's Modloader] New Machine Resizing

    If you want to make a machine get back to its original size you can just press Shift+R, like I stated in the Controls section.
  7. MaxTCC

    [Spaar's Modloader] New Machine Resizing

    You can remap the controls in the Control+J window... or at least you could. Pretty sure you still can.
  8. MaxTCC

    [Spaar's Modloader] New Machine Resizing

    Oh, hi. Yep, I'm alive. Remember this? Yep, I made it a tad better. Thanks to @Lench as well, he's great. <3 Controls: So right, what's new when comparing to the old version? Glorious saving, that's what. Saving and loading a machine using the game's Save and Load buttons saves and loads the...
  9. MaxTCC

    Slack Team For Builders

    I'll have you know someone in the team has deemed you worthy of joining! So if you could just PM me your email that would be terrific.
  10. MaxTCC

    my opinion on the updates of besiege

    You don't need to bump threads when there are no responses. Just because people didn't reply doesn't mean they didn't see it, it means they didn't want to reply or didn't have anything to say.
  11. MaxTCC

    Mod Requests

    (psssssst) I have that.
  12. MaxTCC

    TGYD`s Building Tools [spaar`s Mod Loader] [for v0.45]

    Yes, install the resources correctly ;)
  13. MaxTCC

    Short wooden pole bug?

    Inside the wooden pole folder there's a separate one for the short pole.
  14. MaxTCC

    The Most Comprehensive and Detailed Besiege Support Megathread

    Credit to venhip. Yes, it's a joke.
  15. MaxTCC

    Skin API [Resource][Spaar`s Modloader]

    The SkinAPI is a modders' resource that allows to change a block's model and texture entirely through coding, without even needing to touch the skins menu. It differs from the vanilla skins in several things, though. You can't save the information with a machine and 'ship' it, and you can import...
  16. MaxTCC

    Is this a bug or pc problem

    Same, nothing happened to me.
  17. MaxTCC

    Block Statistics [Spaar`s Modloader]

    That's weird, nothing like that happens for me
  18. MaxTCC

    V 0.3 HYPE!

    Dat typo doe
  19. MaxTCC

    Is this a bug or pc problem

    First of all, this seems like a problem: FileNotFoundException: Could not find file "D:\IGG-Besiege.v0.27\Besiege_Data\CompletedLevels.txt". I'm... pretty sure that file should be there at all times, not completely sure though. And then, here's your main problem: (Filename: Line: 71) Look...
  20. MaxTCC

    Time moves only when you move [Spaar`s Modloader]

    Time moves accordingly to the starting block's speed. Time is restricted from going below 10% and above 100%. Time moves... do you? Attached Files SUPER HOT.dll