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    About besiege versions

    are there any ways to revert to older versions like v0.2,v0.19? and if so how?
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    my opinion on the updates of besiege

    here I will discuss what I feel about the update features and fixes in besiege: [...]=what happened (...)=what I think of the update v0.08-tolbrynd levels+drill block (generally good) v0.09-new tolbrynd levels+water cannon+0G mode+grenade block (generally good) v0.2-unity 5+new Physx engine+THE...
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    [Old thread please ignore]

    [this thread has been redacted by its OP]
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    this is PISSING me off now!

    keep in mind this happens EVERY TIME! 1-open besiege 2-open skin packs management menu 3-do the usual stuff with it 4-open it and close it a few times 5-when i opne it for like the 5th time it doesnt show any skins jult like if i had no skins (not even deafault) 6-have to close and open besiege...
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    Sandbox Easter eggs!

    here i will cover the hidden/hard to find things in sandbox(new one) messed up / creepy things well-hidden things as you can see... there are two ghost halberdiers around the map... two skulls on the same mountain... and the peasant is hiding next to the house far...
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    bsg editing......i noped the heck when i saw it.....

    here is me again after a long time.... i wanted to bsg file edit..... the file is littarly changed and i cant understand anything..... is any thing will change or should i just give up before trying?
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    The spyder-can CONTEST!!

    try to re-creat this in besiege.... best one in my opinion wins! this: HINTS we are focusing on the one with the "mouth" or "two jaws" don't forget the legs least blocks probably don't win... but best looking (and if able to function) probably does. Displayter. is hosting the match of...
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    machine combining mod/feature

    1-go to load machine 2-load a machine 3-select a button says"combine with" 4-load another machine and select its position like the "Translate machine" 5-repeat 3 and 4 if you want to add more than 2 machines 6-PROFIT!!!!!!! please add that devs!!! ​love-Displayer. ..i bet you aren't reading...
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    Is it possible to..... (a bunch of questions)

    is is possible to use the resize mod to make stacking a bigger wheel on the end to make a gyro? is it possible to un-update the new update to re-store your machine that was not working since the update? (looking at Ross minesweeper and sweepminer) is it possible for people to post there...
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    the weirdest dream my cousin had (its a story)(not real)

    were do i begin with? here i will tell you a story of a dream my cousin had he told me the story and I'm telling you it.... i gonna skip the part that barely any of you will understand. but because the story won't be long enough i will create more of the story from my mind. but the ending isn't...
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    a contest using level maker to make the best level

    a contest were you use the level maker mod to make use that mod to make level prizes