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    Who wants to battle a.....BUS! (no mods used)

    So I built a bus! Dont ask me why, I enjoy crashing it into my other vehicles!. Took a lot of time to get right, had to rectify almost all intersections as they just didnt allow the panels to stay straight and true!. Ended up much heavier than I had hoped so its about on the limit of what the...
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    Brace craziness and exploding machine?!

    So I was building a Mac truck and decided to make sure it fit my other truck trailers. I loaded up the other pc and as soon as I pressed play on my Mac truck BOOM it exploded into a million pieces, some components flew so far they hit the outer boundary!. I restarted the game and this problem...
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    Pushing the game to its limits!?

    I have been pushing this game as far as either a) the game or b) my pc can handle. I have a 900 block forklift and a 2800 block truck which I fool around with on my two PC's in multiverse. I can run the forklift alone at 100% with a good 40-50 frames. When I combine the 2800 block truck I have...
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    All Thumbnails and skins are red and white!

    Hi I am new to the forum. Besiege works perfectly on my PC but on my son's it randomly stopped loading any skins. They all appear the same, a kind of red and white stripe. Also in the saved machines there are no longer any thumbnails, just big pixelated red question marks? I reinstalled the...