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    yeah, water would be nice... ~~\__/~~~\____/~~~~\____/~~ reeeaal nice...
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    I'm Noticing a Trend

    i havent...
  3. stuChris

    Where is a new devpost?....

    very agreeable. in more ways than one.
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    more things

    more things
  5. stuChris

    Besiege Airus-Mk2 Naughty 18

    i upload all my creations to the steam workshop. and it very likely may be too suggestive for steam, i could get reported.
  6. stuChris

    Besiege Airus-Mk2 Naughty 18

    ok, i think i will begin work today, but im not sure if i can use that as nose art, as it may be too much for the workshop, think you can make one less...naked? xD
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  8. stuChris

    What Are Your Favorite Besiege Campaign Levels?

    lets just forget all this? god, the bickering is annoying.
  9. stuChris

    Besiege Airus-Mk2 Naughty 18

    awesome, but sadly its gonna be a week or two before i can get around to it i think, ive got so many events scheduled im all booked :(
  10. stuChris

    yes, i think everyone is aware that that has been established by now lol
  11. stuChris

    Besiege Airus-Mk2 Naughty 18

    i will see what i can do, although i have been quite... inactive recently (ive kinda been unconfident in my building lately, so ive been in a dilemma of weather to build or not)
  12. stuChris

    NoteMod 2

    also, the old piano sound seems to have gone, and it was perfect for a project i was working on, with the new update, it sounds like a completely different piano AND different notes :/
  13. stuChris

    NoteMod 2

    could you possibly add an octave toggle/slider? ive been trying to achive notes of different octaves with the speed slider, but it sometimes is too fast, and the sound can sound... off
  14. stuChris

    NoteMod 2

    when it changes color is that the texture changing to a different file, or the blocks actual color? also, does the note block only play piano?
  15. stuChris

    NoteMod 2

    ill have to do it tomorrow though, gtg to bed for today
  16. stuChris

    NoteMod 2

    what kind of noise does the note block make? like what instrument, or is it synth or something?
  17. stuChris

    Besiege Airus-Mk2 Naughty 18

    hmmm ill try and think of a base-concept, thanks! :)
  18. stuChris

    NoteMod 2

    i'll try and make some models for the blocks, i have a couple interesting ideas
  19. stuChris

    Simple 2 speed gearbox

    very nice build :)
  20. stuChris

    Need Angled Blocks like Triangle

    well neither should going off the beaten path of cube-based building, which was what besiege was mainly about until mods came in