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  1. Brooka

    "Stumpy" - A Vanilla Stunt Plane

    Introducing "Stumpy" my compact stunt plane, only 141 blocks, ideal for multiverse. Full description, controls and DL link are here:
  2. Brooka

    Adder: Vanilla Fighter

    Probably the best plane i've made, it's actually really enjoyable to fly. Quite pleased with the aesthetics too. Has the usual trimmings, it's ice proof, has a cockpit view, RTC controls, and a few weapons. I'll leave the link here and you lot can make your own mind up, hope you enjoy...
  3. Brooka

    AA-Gatling Tank

    Wanted to have another go at making a flaming crossbow design, mounted the turret on a prettier chassis this time. Full description and download link:
  4. Brooka

    Burnout [Bomb Proof]

    I've managed to make a bomb-proof car using wooden wheels in vanilla besiege. Not sure if this has been done before or not, but its pretty fun to use, especially on the Duke's Prototypes. Steam link and full desciption:
  5. Brooka

    Aras Refuge Chain

    Was playing with my new build and I discovered you can sorta break the chains at Aras Refuge, have not been able to repeat the results, screen shot below. Notice the closest chain has been broken into individual segments. Anyone else managed to "break" them? Build used...
  6. Brooka

    Carnage Copter

    Presenting the Carnage Copter!! An autostabilised drone, which deploys a net of saws and rockets. Use it to trawl the battlefield like a big jellyfish of death, or detach the core block and shred the battlefield, activate the rockets or springs to hurl saws and corpses everywhere!! Pure chaos...
  7. Brooka

    Vanilla Warbird

    Bit more shameless advertising for my new plane, but also a request for your guys input. I've noticed at higher air speeds the plane will roll left, I'm not entirely sure what causes this and haven't really found a way to fix it, I've tried using extra weight on the counter rotating flywheel...
  8. Brooka


    Hi, I believe I found a bug, unless its intentional. The crossbow when set on fire, with the invincible and infinite ammo god powers will stop shooting when the crossbow is "destroyed" by fire. The block will not detach which it usually does without god powers but it will stop working (it hasn't...
  9. Brooka

    510 Shot Crossbow Buggy

    Title says it all really, thought I'd quickly make a machine to try out the new crossbows. Nothing too crazy, i've packed them really tightly so the spread isn't too bad at long range. 17 crossbows x 30 shots gives ya 510 arrows to play with, not too bad on a machine with a blockcount of 75...
  10. Brooka

    High Speed Vanilla Viper Fighter Plane

    There is a trend of super fast vanilla air-craft on the workshop at the moment, so I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring, and build a more traditional looking high-speed craft with emphasis on agility. This machine uses variable-pitch props to achieve insane speeds, it can quite happily...
  11. Brooka

    Centrifugal Bomb Thrower

    I made a thing woo! Its been a while since i've uploaded, but here is my new siege machine, pretty simple to use and fun. Basically its an 8-shot centrifugal bomb thrower, but it has a fixed arc of fire, the timed release is all done by the machine. The full description and workshop item are...
  12. Brooka

    B-88 Variable Pitch Fighter Bomber

    Block Count: 217 Machine download and full description: This is a fictional aircraft very loosely based of the JU-88, hence the name B-88. This is my largest aircraft to date, its also one of my more experimental designs, it...
  13. Brooka

    Core block deletion and placement

    One feature that I believe is missing from this game as a purely vanilla builder is the ability to move, delete or replace the core block. For example if a vanilla builder wants to slightly modify a build they have created, but have found that the core block is in a place where they don't want...
  14. Brooka

    Even Smaller Worlds Smallest Plane

    Okay, so not the most elegant title, but this creation isn't very elegant either. This 16 block flyer is a modified version of my Hummingbird, special thanks to wasdlucas for the idea. It takes a bit of practice to get used to, it'll pitch up severely at take off, and then when it picks up...
  15. Brooka

    Red Devil

    This is my first single engine plane, no contra rotating blades here! This plane was designed to have a low block count, with low speed and smooth controls. Its an ideal plane for novice flyers, it feels quite realistic. Features full RTC steering, ice proof design and fully suspended...
  16. Brooka

    World's Smallest Vanilla Plane

    At just 22 blocks, I'm pretty confident this is the smallest vanilla plane on the workshop. Controls: L shift: Toggle engine, can be switched to press to hold if preferred. Up and down arrows: Control pitch, to takeoff first pitch down in order to lift the rear tail, then pitch up to take...
  17. Brooka

    A.T.A.P. Conqueror

    The All Terrain Artillery Platform is my most mobile bomblauncher yet. This machine features 6 fireworks and 3 ballistic bomb missiles, mounted on a 360 degree traversing turret. Also includes a strong crane for lifting large, heavy objects or for the use of mine clearance. Its a pretty...
  18. Brooka

    Vanilla Jet Fighter

    So i've made a pretty cool jet airplane. Its my first jet design which is has RTC controls. I'll leave all the skinpacks and more detailed instructions used on my steam page for convenience. Available here: or jetfighter.bsg...
  19. Brooka

    Besiege Beta 2016

    Hey all, so I've tried the new beta, and so far I'm very impressed, currently I am subscribed to 43 skinpacks (previously it was five) downloaded and running fine, no crashing and loading times at the beginning of the game is very reasonable. I've noticed when you load up the game, under the...
  20. Brooka

    New Vanilla Plane with Skinpacks

    I've had another go at making an rtc vanilla plane, I think I'm getting the hang of it now, anyway, new skinpacks so I thought i'd give the plane a cool snowy camo. This machine uses these skin packs: WingsOfBirds's, WW2 Propeller...