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  1. TheGuysYouDespise

    Star Wars Century XV: Besiege Starfighters

    The largest project I've done with Besiege machines to date, the 6 most known starfighters from Star Wars realized with vanilla approaches except for a bit of custom rotation and positioning. See them engage in an epic battle royale. And try the machines for yourself...
  2. TheGuysYouDespise

    Challenge: Musical Machines, because why not?

    With the newest blockloader and the two music blocks we created stuff like this is possible: I'd love to see more, so I challenge anybody who's up for it to make some kind of musical machine, simple or complex. Cheers.
  3. TheGuysYouDespise

    Block Mod Tutorial (for v0.4) [spaar`s modloader]

    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ATTENTION: If you're interested in modded blocks for the current version of Besiege follow this link...
  4. TheGuysYouDespise

    Black Shroud Airship

    A vanilla flying machine with an heavy amount of cannon power. I have almost caught up with getting all my working machines on the workshop, yay. Download:
  5. TheGuysYouDespise

    FortBusta Kan Walker

    I totally forgot to share this here, I think. Usually I wait to share stuff like this on the forums until I've figured out the download. But here it is, the largest Mech we have made and published. And with the most firepower too, not that it's a lot, but it has a grenade launcher :P Grab...
  6. TheGuysYouDespise

    TGYD`s Building Tools [spaar`s Mod Loader] [for v0.45]

    So this mod is pointless unless you have the old version of Besiege, so it'll stay here for that, but you should try Advanced Building in v0.62 and later. ~ Building Tools ~ Formerly know as Block Transform Tools This is a mod dealing with rotating, translating, duplicating, deleting, of...
  7. TheGuysYouDespise

    PSA for block modders

    Quoting from the BlockLoader update post: If you have already tried I was made aware I forgot to add a specific component to the BlockMod template. The GhostCollider: this has been added to simply get the block working as they should be, but it means you now have to define a small box, sphere...
  8. TheGuysYouDespise

    Poultryizer Block Mod [Spaar`s ModLoader][TGYD BlockLoader][ID: 200]

    The Pultryizer [ID: 200]: Hold Y to polymorph target. It has a slider determining the range, from 1 to 30.0. And a radius slider that is linked to the range. Toggle mode is available too. Installation of Block Mods: 0. Delete any previous dll of the block. 1. Install spaar's modloader. 2. Put...
  9. TheGuysYouDespise

    Adding new objects/blocks to the game

    I guess I'm not the only one who wants to add my own "blocks" to the game. I couldn't see any threads that was dealing with this, so I wanted to hear if anybody was looking into it. I just don't want to jump in deep if anybody is working on any kind of framework. But if not I also wanted to...
  10. TheGuysYouDespise

    Editing the .BSG to fix a certain block

    I guess this is the correct sub forum to post this on, but I'm not sure. I have a very compact build that left me with a problem, I don't really have the space for the core block, and now I'm thinking "can I remove it" from the .bsg? I've seen it's possible to duplicate the block around with...
  11. TheGuysYouDespise

    Saved machine unloadable

    I experiences crashes quite often in Besiege, which I've always suspected might be because I'm using pieces in an unintended or unconsidered way. But this time when Besiege crashed I couldn't just go back and load my save. Or well I could, but what happened was quite new to me. What appeared was...