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  1. dannyboy9745

    OK-62 -Armageddon has finally arrived!

    for some reason, this got stuck in the dark and dank corners of besiege forums along with the advertising spam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. dannyboy9745

    [Suggestion] A chat.

    maybe on another site? Have a link somewhere to a chat-site-place-thing :P
  3. dannyboy9745

    Forum Ranking System?

    4.Senior engineer :)
  4. dannyboy9745

    OK-62 -Armageddon has finally arrived!

    Gah! wrong subfourm! Is there any way I can transfer it to 'Flying Machines'?
  5. dannyboy9745

    OK-62 -Armageddon has finally arrived!

    Introducing the third installment in this series of death and destruction! The OK-63 has arrived! It now fits inside the bounding box so now you can blow the crap out of everything... Legally! (hooray! the police will finally leave me alone for killing all those peasants!) Download now...
  6. dannyboy9745

    OK-43 The octocopter with 43 bombs!

    Run for your lives!
  7. dannyboy9745

    New block category

    I think there should be a "special" block section where things like the pin block should be. This would be where blocks that don't fit in with the besiege theme or are too "op" (pin block makes things invincible) go. Blocks in this category will mean they prevent level progression just an idea...
  8. dannyboy9745

    OK-43 The octocopter with 43 bombs!

    Some say less is more. Wrong! More is more!! Introducing the OK-43, (Over-Kill 43) the octo-copter with 43 bombs! This is the successor of the OK-22! Features: -43 Bombs -18 Grenades -Auto stabilizing -What more do you want??? (seriously, what would you like to see on the next craft?)...
  9. dannyboy9745

    I`m writing a HUGE guide! Help please!

    Could you add how to make auto-stabilizing aircraft? (I personally don't know how other than balloons and using NPC'S)
  10. dannyboy9745

    Anyone speak Korean?

    Captain Obvious (and probably captain useless :P) here! ederly speaks korean
  11. dannyboy9745

    I`m writing a HUGE guide! Help please!

    You can add this to the artillery section:
  12. dannyboy9745

    Gradual FPS drop

    Thanks guys! :D
  13. dannyboy9745

    Slack Team For Builders

    Can anyone join?
  14. dannyboy9745

    Gradual FPS drop

    My game seems to continuously drop in frames as I play, I start off with 60 FPS on a small vehicle, use a larger vehicle, FPS gradually drops and I go back to the original small vehicle and now i'm stuck with 20 FPS until I restart the game. Any help?
  15. dannyboy9745

    Forum Guide: Making your own Personal Besiege Banner [Re-made]

    but-but I have a tank! (just kidding :P)
  16. dannyboy9745

    Try to break this wooden block!

    uh.. i was experimenting and i took off (deleted) all the grabbers and it was still invincible O_o
  17. dannyboy9745

    Scared to post your stuff.

    I thought i was really good at this game and then I went online :'(
  18. dannyboy9745

    Extremely miniscule bug

    after you finish the fifth level on tolbrynd, it says "return" rather than "next" [level] yes, i know, very minor but still a bug :P