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  1. valdarkwall

    Super heavy tank tracked chassis

    1011 blocks, 25% time dilation. Can turn only in invincible mode. First attempt, must be reworked for more durability. Fire/bomb proof like other my vehicles. Controls: k for preparing the tank (extend pistons). numpad 4-6-7-9 for forward/backward/turn. Attached Files mk3superheavy.bsg
  2. valdarkwall

    Mine resistant and fireproof vehicles (tracks, wheels.. legs?)

    Hello Besiegers. Just another "challenge" to make durable vehicles. Hope at some time in the future we will get PvP mode and all of these will be useful. :D If you want see your concept in the startpost, post bsg/videos/screenshots/info below in the thread. I'll attach with link&author info...