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  1. OttoNL

    Three Crane Trucks (1 tow truck)

    Hey It's been a while since I was here, but the last updates were so interesting I had to check them out and I got hooked again :) So I made this 6x4 truck with long wheelbase that holds either 2 of the deliver-objective balls or 3 stacks of lumber and a crane 6x4CraneTruck.bsg I updated...
  2. OttoNL

    Spider Walker with Steering

    Apparently I never posted it... Just control it with the Arrow Keys. If it tends to break, first tap the forward arrow a few times briefly and then start walking. Sometimes the braces glitch when it suddenly comes into motion...
  3. OttoNL

    Is timestep fixed?

    Hi I had a question for the developer(s) Has timestep been fixed? Because often when I record gameplay my machine suddenly explodes while it worked fine in the previous 10 tests. Only real difference is a lower frame rate and this makes me wonder if time step has been fixed. As it seems that...
  4. OttoNL

    No Layout

    Hey, is it just me or is the layout completely gone? It's just white with times new roman and there are no tables or anything. Every page is just 2 pages of text on a white background. Makes it kinda impossible to find anything :P
  5. OttoNL

    Chain Gun V3

    We can make chainguns now! JVZ Edit: BSG file is now attached :) Attached Files ChainGun3.bsg
  6. OttoNL


    Quite often when I'm building outside of the box (and I have free build mode on) I get a little 'intersection' thingy and I can't place a block. Turning free build mode off and back on sometimes works, sometimes I have to do it a few times and sometimes I have to restart the game and after a...
  7. OttoNL

    Why does this not work?

    Bracing the sh!t out of it doesn't help, rotation is correct, I've tried about 50 times just in case the speed of the mechanical parts differs every time you press play but that's not the case as far as you can see. Like usual absolutely NO idea why the game doesn't allow me to build this...
  8. OttoNL

    Activating mechanical parts while in build-mode.

    In my own experience by far the most limiting thing in this game is the fact that you can't move mechanical parts while in build mode. To me this seems like an obvious feature, but I haven't seen it requested yet... For instance say I want to make a balista. I have to make the 'gutter'...
  9. OttoNL

    Paradox Powered Flail Prototype Lower Grabber with G, release with T Shorten the contractable strings with Y (toggle) Press 'Starter' against the other cogs with H (toggle) Start contraption with Up-arrow (Press and hold after pressing H)...
  10. OttoNL

    Quad Copter V 5.2 (Final)

    I've tried pretty much every conceivable way of propelling my quad (and other) copters. None were stable enough though. Including this design. Or so I thought... Now that you can actually flip the prop's this design can finally work! As now the torque problem is solved. I had just never thought...
  11. OttoNL

    Need some help with a `Piston Engine`

    Hey. I don't know if you have seen it, but there is a variation of the Paradox Engine called the Piston Engine. I used it in a helicopter and it worked horribly. But so did the Paradox Engines xD But then I thought I could use it to power some monster sized wheels. So I made this prototype and...
  12. OttoNL

    Bad Timing :(

    Is it me or was this whole forum-moving thing timed really horribly? They just made a fancy subreddit for besiege 2 days before the move or so? I saw more then 1 site dedicated to sharing BSG's which are much, much more populated then this forum and many people never left the Steam or 4Chan...
  13. OttoNL

    A few forum related issues.

    Hey, I'm assuming you're still fine-tuning some forum settings? I was wondering if it's possible to up the attachment limit a bit. 5 is a bit low in my opinion. But I understand if you don't want everybody to upload even more then before and fill your server with .bsg's xD And I just noticed...
  14. OttoNL

    OttoNL`s Cars, Trucks `Tanks`

    Hey guys, I thought I would collect all my old and new Cars, Trucks and 'Tanks' in a single topic to keep it all nice and organized :) ('Tanks' because I never actually use tracks, I just make tank-shaped vehicles.) Descriptions and keybinds will be updated soon. If you can't figure out the...
  15. OttoNL

    Braces failing Attached Files Opol M Base2.bsg
  16. OttoNL

    Besiege 8 Legged Repeater Catapult Final

    I was inspired by Moralrat's walker builds. I had planned to make it look like a spider, however working with braces instead of wood or changing the shape made it too flexible to work. So I just put a repeater catapult in there. I and K control the left legs. O and L control the right legs. /...
  17. OttoNL

    Overwrite still doesn`t work.

    So I fínally lost the habit of not overwriting but deleting and saving with the same name. And within the first hour I lost a save again. Lost at least 20 minutes of progress... -,- No specific details to add. Just like before it usually works but sometimes doesn't.
  18. OttoNL

    No idea what to call this bug

    I saw similar behavior in the spider that inspired me. So it's not just this machine where this happens.
  19. OttoNL

    45 degree rotated brace

    My machine was rotated 270 deg. Then I put on a brace and it looked like this. Then I reset rotation and put it back on twice, but still this happened