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    What is this!??!

    So I was playing around with a mod called Multimod (shout out to the guy who made it) and found this block what is it? when i clicked to place it, nothing happend (the item ID is 4) Attached Files
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    Cool airship

    This is something cool I made just for the hell of it Controls O to go forward P to go down K to go backward J and L to go right and left and H to go up air ship.bsg Attached Files
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    webpage not loading correctly

    this website for me isnt loading correctly so it looks different and is very confusing to use, help plox
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    Just try to lift this

    I have made a machine with 1, that's right ONE ballast.And I would like to see if anyone can lift said ballast up! Try to life this .bsg You may need to put it on invincible mode because the ballast is REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY heavy Attached Files
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    Missile Launcher

    This is just something I made on the fly Missile Launcher.bsg Controls: K to go forward i to go backwards L to go left J to go right <- to open the hatch and -> to close it n and m to move where to fire the missile and C to fire the missile Attached Files
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    Screenshots not working

    Whenever I press f12 to take a screenshot, it doesn't show up in the screenshots folder