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  1. mbennock

    Spring bug, physics issue, memory leak

    AMD Athlon X3 445 3.1 GHz 8 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 Win7 x64 .05 1. I have a strange issue where springs that are adjusted to e.g. 10 suddenly are at 2 when placing another spring or do any parameter tuning. It also sometimes happens when loading up a construct. A random spring will be at...
  2. mbennock


    Yes, this is exactly what is says. A gatling gun. While I found the recent update a bit underwhelming (I would have wished for more features before new blocks), I really like the new canon mechanics. No more piano playing for autofire! Just rev up the flames and let 'er rip...
  3. mbennock

    Pendulum (without pit)

    In the old forums some guy did experiments with a pendulum. Since we are but men, of course the sensible thing to do is to weaponize it. Those of you who have read E.A. Poe's story "Pit and Pendulum" know what a swinging knife above one's chest or head can elicit. On the other hand, those who...
  4. mbennock

    Custom block size

    I don't know whether it has already been suggested, but I would like to see custom sized wooden blocks, i.e. either by dragging or by entering the dimensions. Like a table, 1x1 to 10x10 for example. That way you could make bars and plates and such in a more convenient way than putting block...
  5. mbennock

    mbennock`s Rooty Tooty Point and Shooty thread

    Alright, since I made several kinds of guns/artillery/weaponry I will use this thread to present my new inventions here, as to not clutter the forum too much. I want to start with... The Fireball Cannon This is my fireball sling cannon. It can shoot one fireball over a pretty good range...
  6. mbennock

    Airship bomber

    This is my version of a blimp. It hovers in mid-air at exactly the same height (when fully loaded). I only need one propeller to move it to another height (O). The two propellers on the underside are for lowering height (L) or keeping level after bomb release. Movement...
  7. mbennock


    Simple, man, knowhatImsayin? Lowrider, 1-4 for each wheel. Deadly. Attached Files lowrider.bsg
  8. mbennock

    Calculating Machine

    This is a simple calculating machine I made. It can add 0+0, 1+0, 0+1, 1+1. It consists of a system of cogs, pistons and grabbers, forming clutches and (dis)connectors. Now let me explain how it works: There are two inputs, "1" on the left side and "2" on the right side. Both have the...
  9. mbennock

    Muscular Movement

    This is one of my attempts at muscular movement. Sadly, with the current springs, this is not possible in the way I imagine. It should work like "real" muscles by using an agonist/antagonist system. This was just a first attempt, thus lacking the antagonist "muscles". Also, the springs are too...
  10. mbennock

    Reptiloid walker

    This is another attempt as muscular movement. The legs are moved backwards and forwards by springs, raised by pistons though. It can bend along the midriff like a lizard. Movement by alternating up/down, "steering" with left/right, tail movement n/m, the horns are moved with o/l. Attached...