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    More sounds!

    Id like to see an option to add sounds to blocks, some instances: Motor sounds on wheels, drivable hinges etc. (selectable maybe? Import own sounds, sound packs just like skin packs) Sounds when parts hit eachother (steel sounds, impact sounds, saw sounds etc.) Sounds when grinding/sliding...

    Bug with copy tool/wheel/skins/automatic

    See: When copying the automatic setting to another wheel while running as host in MV. Console says: Only happens when skins are enabled and can be easily reproduced

    Bug with Win for player with the highest progress

    As you can see blue has 50% and red green and orange all have 99% progress, so i activate the "win for team with highest progress" and blue wins? Note: only team blue has an actual player. Why does blue win? Is it because only blue has a player? Like the only one playing wins regardless of...

    Cannot build through insignias or other placed bounding boxes.

    If I set up serveral bounding boxes right next to eachother and start building in the middle one then I cant place blocks while aiming through the other bounding boxes which makes building pretty ennoying. Same with insignias and triggers, when you put an insignia in the bounding box you cant...

    Respawn on machine take damage doesnt work when being damagedwhile respawning.

    Hope the tittle is clear enough. I had set up a king of the hill game with traps and what I found was that when a machine takes damage while "respawning", the healt bar wil not work anymore and the machine will not respawn on "on take damage" anymore. Then the machine can be totally destroyed...

    Exploding issue with grabbers

    I have been having a very ennoying issue with machines using grabbers lately. When it happens: The machines use grabbers to hold things in place and function as the structure of the machine. (Pretty strong structures) When forces are applied to the grabbers or the rest of the structure, the...

    Button blocks and simple logic blocks

    I would like to see something like a button block (or preasure block) and logicblocks in besiege. Button block: a placable button block which can be pressed by anything with mass and then have that button activate things like wheels, hinges, spinning blocks. And then instead of binding to...

    Torque and Speed option for wheels?

    What about a torque and speed slider for the wheels? This would be helpfull for a lot of machines, for instance, crawlers need low speed, high torque drive. Planes rather have high speed and low torque for propellers to prevent the plane from rolling because of the torque reaction. As the...

    Cluster option?

    A few besiege versions ago there was the option for displaying the "Clusters" of a machine (certain groups of parts that move fixed togheter) and randomly the butten dissapeared. And then the devs mentioned the option in one of the news posts on steam. I used it a lot in the past to fix bugs...

    Contest: Besiege CombatBots Multiverse (Now with arena!)

    Dear Besiege players! I have an amazing idea and i hope people will join! I have been building Battlebots in besiege for a long time now and I now have a total of 66 robots which are all super though and have very strong weapons. I used to fight them against each other by giving them the same...

    Performance issues?

    What is causing the performance issues with besiege? At the moment of the screenshot of the Stats I was playing with 2 (big) machines from both about 300 parts with a total of 615 parts. In the editormode i run 60 FPS and when the simulation starts the fps drops to about 6 FPS. Now it has been...