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  1. BottledAss

    Art! Once again!

    The new update just came out, and it looks beautiful! I couldn't resist taking a "few" screenshots, so i have compiled all the screenshots i have taken of this beautiful game and uploaded them to share it with the world. The compilation includes mostly shots from around the map and just a few...
  2. BottledAss

    beautiful Clusters

    just some screenshots i got of clusters of items in besiege
  3. BottledAss

    ballast/ weight

    Now i've been testing with the ballasts a lot and their physics are quite "weird". for example (the picture below). the ballasts at the rear are at its default weight but for some reason the front of the vehicle is still much heavier, is it possible that you can add a larger slider for the...
  4. BottledAss

    GUI not showing up for MultiMod

    with Spaars Modloader beta i got the mutimod, that supposedly had a very nice looking GUI but for some reason it does not show up on my screen. the mod works fine but it looks very bad, even when i know it is not supposed to look like that. im not sure if this is a real problem or its just me...
  5. BottledAss

    Perpetual Motion Butcher

    Perpetual Motion Butcher E for quick start Q for brakes H to extend leg and crush the enemy Arrow keys to move the machine spin incredibly fast, may cause lag this is my first build ( that i have uploaded) :) Attached Files butchers dream.bsg