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    Drone with AMAZING controls

    mydronev1.bsg This is a drone I made with the best controls I have ever seen in a drone or any plane CONTROLS: O up T tilt forward G tilt backwards F/H turn right/left R/Y tilt right/left Attached Files
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    Smallest Most Easily Controlled Bomber Hot Air Balloon Possible

    DESCRIPTION: This is an extremely tiny hot air balloon that I made. it is equipped with a bomb and can be easily landed. CONTROLS: O: press to start flying T: forward G: backward F: turn left H: turn right P: drop bomb IMAGE: DOWNLOAD: small plane.bsg Attached Files
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    Totally functional Airplane :)

    DESCRIPTION: I really like this plane but when I downloaded it I thought it could use a few improvements on the controls. In this new design I created the controls are much easier to use and landing is much more possible. CONTROLS: O: flying blocks T: pull nose down F: turn left H: turn right...
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    The Duck Plane

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    Cool Car I Made

    Description: This is a cool car that I made that has cannons on the side and a flamethrower and spikes in the front. Controls: arrow keys: up, left, right, back Z: cannons X: flamethrower Images: Download: car.bsg Attached Files
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    The Duck Plane

    Description: This a a plane I made that looks something like a duck. It has great control and can even do back-flips if you get high enough. Controls: O: up P: forward/raise nose Z: left X: right Q: release from landing gear H: pick up bomb Left Shift: release bomb Images: Download...