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  1. dbzfanatic


    Here's a quick battle-ready catapault I made. I'm thinking of upgrading it with some armor but the braces add some stability. Controls: 'L' - Launch 'R' - Return (if it gets stuck, not often but does happen) '1' - Remove the first stopper, more direct/forward throw '0' - Remove the last/both...
  2. dbzfanatic

    Bomber Plane

    Here's a couple of versions of a bomber plane I made. Controls: 'O' - move forward/take off 'V' - Drop bomb(s) 'Up' - move forward 'Down' - reverse Pictures: - Bomber V1/V2 (no real changes in thumbnail plus I can't have more than 5 attachments ) - Kamakaze Downloads: kamakaze.bsg...