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  1. Rincewind

    Com of ballast block gets displayed incorrect

    The COM of the ballast block gets displayed at its connection point but it really is in its middle.
  2. Rincewind

    Automatic Bombing

    So i build a simple mechanism that allows you to drop bombs from a plane by holding down one button. But since it's a prototype it has some minor bugs that i can't seem to fix... So im just gonna upload the mechanism and hope someone around here takes the time to fix the bugs and create a usable...
  3. Rincewind

    Bug with cannons mid air

    So i build, a jet that is carrying a gatling gun, that is supposed to fire one shoot at a time. it works fine as long as its on the ground and also works, if i shot the gun once before takeoff. But when i try to shoot the gun mid air, without shooting it prior on the ground, all gun barrels...