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  1. Besiegineer

    The Crane

    yep i made a crane.. it uses an unused block *simple rope and winch* you dont need any mods for this USE INVINCIBILITY FOR BEST RESULTS CONTROLS: (you can rebind movement if you wish. forward and back is all i had it for left and right does the arm swing) N-reel in M- unreel V-drop object...
  2. Besiegineer

    need help with stability (updated. still need help)

    so i invented this new rotor concept.. ****UPDATED THE HELI... SLIGHTLY MORE BALANCED BUT IT STILL BANKS REALLY BADLY IF NOT IN LOW SPEED.****** hold K to land/descend hold I to ascend cant find a good body for this. its unstable but it looks like this rotor will work wonderfully any ideas...
  3. Besiegineer

    invisible walls

    cant really screenie this but it makes things difficult when youre trying to run something over or climb a ramp only to have your thing stopped by an invisible block.
  4. Besiegineer

    BSG notepad Build challenge

    yes,thats right. build a machine in notepad... the rules are simple 1. you may test in the game, but all building is done in the BSG file with notepad (or your choice of text editor) 2. save the source block as a bsg then proceed to type in the correct parameters cheating! 4.dont load a...
  5. Besiegineer

    BALL JOINT help

    anyone found a use for these yet that isnt replaced by a simple hinge? the most ive made is a sword swinger and a wrecking ball crane. there has to be something complex for these... ive tried to recreate car steering but failed due to the floppiness
  6. Besiegineer

    Sword Fighter Concept

    simple controls. can be rebinded if you wish. arrows to move I/K to swing the sword USE IN INVINCIBLE MODE!!!! this thing looks neat while swinging. any feedback or ideas? LET ME KNOW! SwordConcept.bsg Attached Files
  7. Besiegineer


    simple. hold either left or right to choose your spin direction. let it get up to speed and use to launch bombs! (dont hold left or right for too long as the machine might have some major F**K ups if you do) if you nuke yourself you lose! if you have a target, aim for it! bomb range goes...
  8. Besiegineer

    The Hovercraft

    My latest build brings this awesome thing. doesnt fit in the box. had stability issues when trying to make a micro version. still awesome though. CONTROLS: (where would you be without these?) arrow keys left- steers left really fast right -steers right really fast left and right at the same...
  9. Besiegineer

    Not to sound like an Attention Whore but..

    why does nobody leave comments on my builds? if youre going to look at least leave feedback. i feel like im being ignored here. feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated, it might even inspire me to build someting totally F***ng awesome. just my 2 cents.
  10. Besiegineer

    You Have never seen a catapult like this before. Project X

    behold. my work-in-progress.(not sure what to call this officially) PROJECT X ROCK PITCHER. (puny litttle house for scale.) prepare for lag. (40~50% advised) CONTROLS H-raise system/lock drive belt I-tilt the loader ramp (hehehe...SAY HI!) hold down on the arrow keys to fire it up! (still in...
  11. Besiegineer

    Rawkitzer MK1

    4 round rock howitzer with good range- also works with fireballs if you set invincible. (not compatible with bombs sadly, ill make another one for that) CONTROLS K-lock the sling block in place (prevents overshooting and getting the block stuck) H- raises the tilt (toggled) 1-2-3-4 release the...
  12. Besiegineer

    Besiegineers Workshop

    Hello everyone, i thought id upload a few of my creations in one post. check these out! More to come in the future! Siege Fortress (very laggy. 30% advised) CONTROLS I -lock the door/close the door L -open the door V -ungrab the door from locking position (when its opened up) arrow keys to...
  13. Besiegineer

    The Windmill

    rather useless for combat but it looks nice. also uses a neat glitch i found for the spin. as far as motors and such its technically "Green" CONTROLS: left and right arrow keys. works on invincible or normal be gentle with the arrows this thing becomes a hurricane if you push the hinges too...