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    Managed the 64 bomb version

    Y to launch, press T as soon as the rockets die out, and releas the 64 bombs with U. And watch the bomb wave wash away all your worries and problems. Opening in sandbox will put it in the perfect spot.
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    48 Bomb Cluster Missile

    Utilizes centrfugal force to fling bombs away at different velocities. Launch with Y. Activate the wheels one by one to ensure that the bottom wheel isn't overwhelmed by the counteracting force of the wheels above it. Start pressing the buttons 1 up to 6 when the missile is pointed...
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    Flying block insertion bug, again...

    okay so the bug is that the flying block cannot be placed next to another block, rather than it being that it CAN be placed next to another block if you put the flying block down first! (since there's no overlap...) Thanks alot
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    Flying block insertion bug, again...

    Depending on the order of placement you can sometimes insert blocks into flying blocks. Grabbers don't grab the part of the flying block that you can insert other blocks into if you place the flying block first. I would really like to know what here is the bug and what is intended so I can...
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    timed activation of blocks

    grabber responds to the A key but only after 1 second so that it can release something in mid-air after being launched by a block that immediately responded tot the same key
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    1 key sequentially affecting multiple blocks

    1st time pressing A after starting a game grabber 1 is affected. 2nd time pressing A grabber two is affected 3d time and so on...
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    Flying block insertion bug

    If you place a flying block first, you can't place anything on the 8 blocks surrounding it because of insertion. Therefore these spaces is occupied by the Flying block. I would think that a grabber would latch on to one of these 8 spaces. However it does not. I'm not sure if this space wil be...
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    Flying block insertion bug

    v0.045 from both mac and windows, I can't find motivation to improve my flying machines since I found that there are lots of issues with the Flying block: You can't place it ditectly next to another block while you CAN place a block directly next to the flying block if you put down the Flying...