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    Controls Camera

    I know about this but everytime I reset my creation (Go to build bit and then start playing again) it unfocus' and this is really annoying espcially when its a flying machine
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    Some Suggestions for the Forums

    We need a few new "Sub Forums" (I think thats what they're called) introductions, Pretty self explanitory for new members of the forums who possibly want to meet staff and other members or maybe get some help/tips/ideas for some of their first creations. Youtube, A place for all of the people...
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    This is like a player Vs. Bot situation where the player had to build a device with a limited amount on blocks (this is selectable 10,20,50,100,Unlimited) You can also choose a difficulty Easy, Medium, hard, Mechanical Genius. There would also be a device build by the bot (would be a pre...
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    Basic plane

    This is the first legal working plane that I have built. (I have a few other designs that kinda work) It takes a little bit of time to practise and get the feel of it but it is fun once you get the hang of it. The .bsg file is in "Attachments" at the bottom under the picture of it I WILL BE...
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    How to update humble bundle version?

    Also you get a steam code on the Humble Bundle Version so if you manage to find the link to that (In your emails) you can get a key and download it on steam as the steam version now supports Mac, Pc and Linux :D
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    Awesome forum.

    I lOOOOVEEEE IT Thanks for this was an improvement