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  1. TekmastR

    Besiege essentials: Downwash air physics

    This is by far one of the most essential physics propeties required in Besiege in the next major update. Also I'd like to note that the developers don't pay much attention to the community's suggestions. They just add things to the game without opinion of the people who play it. I just want to...
  2. TekmastR

    ADFX-01 Morgan

    I am (finally) proud to present my long-awaited design, The ADFX-01 Morgan. It's also my first steam workshop entry, so help support me on the workshop as well! The Goal of this machine was to recreate a super-cool aircraft featured in one of my favourite series of games, Ace Combat. This is...
  3. TekmastR

    Gosper cannon Mk2

    Updated the first one, as promised, there's an Mk2. This Design has a longer barrel, more firing velocity, and much more ammo. However this is auto-fire only, meaning that it shoots all the ammo in one go. Controls (do them in the order shown): 1- C: Heat up water cannons 2- Y: Activate Steam 3-...
  4. TekmastR

    Gosper Cannon Mk1

    So, after seeing FrizB's Monorail Mission post, I got jealous. xD I decided to make My own monorail using pinned steering hinges to make a tunnel for a slippery object, which would be commected the the vehicle on the outside of the tunnel. Instead, by accident I, I created a gigh-velocity...
  5. TekmastR

    Behold, the moment engine.

    This is very simple, but infinitely harnessable. It's basically a suspension tied by a winch rope. When you tighten the rope, the game physics try to keep things constant and pushes the block forward. It doesn't create much thrust, and I'm still researching on it's power. But if you want more...
  6. TekmastR

    Machine bug, need community`s help on finding and fixing it

    So I'm making an aircraft that looks really badass, as in this badass: But there's a problem. Some bug that is messing with the aerodynamics of the plane is causing the centre of mass of the aircraft to be offset, even though I checked that it's perfectly symmetrical and the mass is...
  7. TekmastR

    Paint, Texture and finish tool for Besiege

    Before I begin, I would like to note that Besiege developers aren't paying much attention to the community's suggestions. So I imply that they should lean more to suggestions and propositions. Anyway, I think Besiege could use a little advancement in aesthetics. Mostly having the ability to...
  8. TekmastR

    Gear awards: Recap

    So the new poll tactic is not working so well. And I've decided to switch a lot of things about how the Gear awards are gonna function. I've decided that the Gear awards (you've noticed that I've also decided to remove the ''y'' from ''Geary'') shouldn't be something official, but it should...
  9. TekmastR

    Announcement: Geary awards

    Hey, sorry for the delay, because I had a few things to think about the Geary awards. First of all, some people didn't approve of the fact that I just put anybody in the poll. So (sorry), I have to restart the poll soon, but before that, to make sure that people in the poll want to be judges, PM...
  10. TekmastR

    Project: Silver Sentinel (Concept Stage)

    I haven't posted any machines recently, and I probably won't anytime soon, because I'm still on the hunt for a new computer charger (My other one broke, unfortunately). But here's the concept of a new vehicle I've been working on. It's essentially the big brother of the Warhammer, emphasis on...
  11. TekmastR

    The Geary Awards!

    Fellow Besiegers! I present to you... The Geary Awards! Ever wanted to be a famous Besieger? Well now you can! The Geary awards is a monthly ceremony in which any Besieger can participate. This ceremony is at the beggining of every month. Prior to that time, players can mail their best...
  12. TekmastR

    [WARNING: Very large suggestion inbound!] Besiege pipe system

    Alright, BIG SUGGESTION. This is a very big suggestion that could add many new angles to Besiege, and it is also so big that I have to write it down on seperate posts. So Von (and/or other devs reading this), read this carefully! I also spent some time going through any logical anomalies that...
  13. TekmastR

    Sound resources for mods?

    Just wanted to ask (or suggest): Is it possible to have a folder in TGYD's blockloader that stores sounds from mods? If not, what are we waiting for? Plenty of mods could use some sound effects.
  14. TekmastR


    BIG NEWS! (or just regular news) My machines will be hitting soon! Wanted to take a step further and publish my machines to a greater public. Some of my machines have never been posted on the forums for copyright reasons (just wanted to be cautious) and some other machines...
  15. TekmastR

    TekmastR wants to know how to mod

    A bit awkward, but I am terrible at coding, modding, and computer engineering in general. So I want to ask the people on the forums for consolation on how to mod. Why should we help? 1. Because I have a lot of things in mind for besiege and it would be easier if I were to implement those ideas...
  16. TekmastR

    AP-33 Amphibious (works with and without Watermod 2)

    Behold! The amphibious hovercraft! Basically a high-speed vehicle that hovers through speed on dry land and treads quickly on water (Thanks TesseractCat for improving water physics!). Controls are simple: Up/ down: forward/ reverse Left/ Right: steer That's all for the controls! Now for some...
  17. TekmastR

    [Request] Rail groove

    A mod request of a thread I posted recently regarding a sort of rail block on which carts can freely move along its axis. here is the thread link:
  18. TekmastR

    Heavy braces

    Another idea! I'm on a roll. Basically it would be nice if there were to be a stronger, heavier version of the brace. It would be silvery and thicker that the normal brace, and also much heavier.
  19. TekmastR

    1001 Arabian knights

    I have a little proposition for the next isle in the Besiege realm. It would be an arid, deserted landscape where there are strong sandstorms in stages and a few night levels too. Since I come from the middle east, I could give some advice on how to create an Arabian-themed level. The ruler...
  20. TekmastR

    Rail Groove

    I have an idea that could really make Besiege more versatile. We could make a rail groove that looks like a metal pole, where you can attach carts on the four sides that move freely along the rail. Here is a schematic of what I mean: If you don't see it, alert me through the comments...