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  1. PhoenecisFire

    Tank chassis/suspesion Mk7

    The all new, much improved tank suspension chassis. Inspired by an independent suspension by Loophead117 (which can be found here) Info: This new tank suspension system has an independent suspension for each wheel, and instead of pushing the wheel up...
  2. PhoenecisFire

    Tank chassis/suspesion Mk5

    Mark 5 of my tank suspension that Ive been working on since day one. Strong and capable of moving over rough terrain easily, the best suspension chassis ive seen so far. Now using big wheels of course. Left Left Right Right Down Reverse...
  3. PhoenecisFire

    Tank chassis/suspesion

    I started working on this the day i got the game. I've seen and tested a lot of tank chassis and tank suspension machines, and i have to say, i like mine a lot more. Its simple, and doesn't have tracks(mostly because they only look cool and have no traction), but it is strong and can go over...
  4. PhoenecisFire

    Hidden cannon/catapult

    My first public build. Tell me what you think! Numpad 8 - Blades Up Numpad 2 - Blades Down H - Popup Cannons C - Fire Cannons L - Fire Catapult Right + Left - Forward Down - Reverse Right or Left + Down - Spin Quick hint, the catapult launches further when the cannons are up...