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  1. Neutex

    Timescale issues

    Just some small timescale issues that could ease the gameplay for everyone if fixed. * When entering a camera, you cannot look around if the timescale is at 0% unless the camera is in first person. This prevents for good screenshots at freezeframes. * Stopping a simulation occurs slower the...
  2. Neutex

    Quinjet [The Avengers Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D]

    Block count: 453 Quinjet from The Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D I present to you, the famous Quinjet! This has been one of my favourite fictional vehicles ever since I first saw one, so I decided to build one in besiege! I have tried to include as many of the original...
  3. Neutex

    Tierd of scrolling through saved machines...

    When you build a lot of diffrent machines and projects at the same time, and don't want to move them to another folder or sort them after date. You want access them easily at all times. At least I do. If I built something that starts with an "x" but can't remember it's exact filename (since...
  4. Neutex

    X-1 Shadowcaster - The foldwing glider

    Block count: 223 The foldwing Fighter This is the X-1 Shadowcaster, equipped with 5 grenades and a pair of foldable wings for extremely gracious flying. The two stages of the Shadowcaster allows diffrent flightstyles. Having the wings withdrawn makes them closer to the body, reducing the...
  5. Neutex

    Warlock [Drone in a Hovercraft]

    Block count: 172 Detachable Drone and loads of weapons! This is a vehicle split in 2 parts, a Hovercraft and a Drone. The drone can be detached from the hovercraft and fly away to carry out other objectives that the Hovercraft may be incapable of. The Hovercraft is equipped with 6 ballastguns...
  6. Neutex

    Forum changes?

    So I noticed that the mobile version now shows latest post on each board and topic. Is that a change from vBulletin or from Spiderling? Could anyone add a Changelog in case something new appeared?
  7. Neutex

    U-5 Intelligence

    U-5 Intelligence Block count: 214 The Perfect Battlecopter! I present to you the doublestacked battlequad U-5 Intelligence, armed with 6 Ballastguns, 2 Missiles and 4 Bombs. This is probably my best copter yet. I have taken the best from my other copters and combined it into one. It is...
  8. Neutex

    I`m writing a HUGE guide! Help please!

    I'm writing a HUGE advanced Besiege guide that I'm gonna publish on steam. It's going to include many homemade weaponry systems, tips on the most usable mods and some special ways to build special systems that's not really "legit" but works really well. If anyone have any ideas on really good...
  9. Neutex

    Ballast weight is reversed??

    So I'm experiencing some trouble. I'm building a drone and trying to make it stay in the same place in the air, so I'm naturally adjusting the ballasts to make the machines weight precise to what the rotors can lift. But for some reason, the lower I set the ballasts, the more the drone decends...
  10. Neutex

    [Remake on request] Lotus - The Art of Flight

    I am NOT the original author of this machine. I just calibrated it so it works properly with v0.2. Link to the original So I got a request from SuperiorSandbox where he asked me to make this machine work in the v0.2 so I gave it a shot. I hope you all enjoy! Attached Files Lotus.bsg
  11. Neutex

    What did you think this was?

    So I uploaded a machine to the workshop the other day where I wrote that fire from varoius sources won't affect the machine. One of the sources was the 3 steel buckets in the sandbox map that drops hot... hot... Well, what does it drop? Is it Oil? Tar? Maybe even Coal? Everyone seems to think...
  12. Neutex

    Insane ideas!

    I've had them. You've had them. We've all had them. Insane ideas! Hit me with the stupidest and/or most insane idea you've ever had in Besiege. Did you manage to build it? Did it work out like you expected? I'd love to read some reviews with pictures, or even better, videos! Other concepts...
  13. Neutex

    [tutorial] Quad/Drone For Dummies

    Here's a little tutorial I made. Personally I'd like to call it a Quad (Short for Quadcopter (No, it's actually short for Quadbike, but you get it....)) but most refers to this as a Drone. Controls: Height with Left Ctrl & Shift Pitch and roll with ◄▲▼► The .bsg file is attached. I...
  14. Neutex


    What kind of articles are you planning on writing in the articles section on the forums? If you need someone to help you with it, I gladly voulenteer.
  15. Neutex

    This is me, Bragging about my success.

    I just wanted to brag how F-WORDing great I am. This is steam workshop top machines this week: Those with a red border are mine. Can you understand it? 5 out of 9 machines on the front page are mine! I mean, that's like 55%! Mother of god I'm awesome. I really needed this ego boost...
  16. Neutex

    FPS drop after 15-20 mins

    Since the v0.2 the fps is definitly better than before but I have still encountered a problem. My FPS is dropping gradually from the time I'm starting the game. It reaches its bottom at ~10 fps after 15-20 minutes of the game running. This demands a restart, and as soon as I've done that it''s...
  17. Neutex

    Guys! I found a new block! :D

    Block #13! It's a chain with a cube attached to it! It shows as a ball before placing it. I think this can be revolutionary! Pros: Unflammable and not that heavy. Cons: Seems that it glitches if you put too much tension on the chain. Attached a ballon and the chain started glitching when the...
  18. Neutex

    How do i embed a video in a post!?

    I've been trying to embed videos from Url in several posts but I can't get it to work. I've been trying these: xxxxx Which becomes this: "​" Which becomes this: "" Halp! D:
  19. Neutex

    Easiest auto-stabilizing system discovered!

    I'm was not sure if I should place this under /guides or /flying machines, but it ended up here. Soo I think I discovered the easiest way to auto stabilize uni-, bi-, tri-, quadcopters etc. It's not very discrete and you can't do it without .bsg editing (or no bounds mod), but it works like a...
  20. Neutex

    Gravitydefying Precision Bombplane!

    This is denifitly the best plane I have ever made. Why you ask? Well, anyone can handle it! That's why! Never miss a target with the bombplane that defies gravity! Important! This is NOT a Zero-G vehicle! Are you sick of the consequences of Zero-G? Sick of all the enemies floating around...