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    Water cannon at low timescale not turning into steam

    I hear ya. I've seen the same thing, but I don't know how to fix it. Probably is a bug.
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    Mod Requests

    A rubber wheel? Make sure you use suspension, as well as double up the wheels for more traction.
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    Running Slow

    Is your computer in any sort of power save mode? Sometimes I put mine in a low power mode and forget until I run something CPU intensive like Besiege.
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    The blood in my game is green (ish)

    Yeah, the sound mod was doing it. Weird.
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    The blood in my game is green (ish)

    I didn't install a mod that is supposed to do this. Any ideas? Blood pools and splats are all green (ish).
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    In the block settings window, what does the button above the keybind do?

    See topic. The button looks like a letter "A" crossed out, and if you click it, an arrow goes around it and it seems to disable the buttons for the block.
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    Arrow despawn count?

    I think it's closer to 81. I remember hearing that somewhere. I've got a machine with a rotary cannon, eight crossbows that fire simultaneously, and it doesn't fire fast enough for them to despawn.
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    More sounds!

    I think I get what he means. Some people would post "Star Wars soundpack!", but then every sound would actually be a 120 DB screech. Some poeple have nothing better to do. But yeah, customizing for our own laughs is great! Needs me a proper minigun noise!
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    More sounds!

    Oh yeah I get that. I just meant if you make your own pack, or just have the ability to assign sounds to each block on your own. Sound packs on the workshop is a different story.
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    More sounds!

    Simple. Put in an option to utilize other people's custom sounds or not. Would be needed anyway for people on a metered connection.
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    An option to lock camera to the machine so it doesnt zoom out when a piece flys off.

    If you place a camera block on the same block that the balloon is attached to, this can happen. If not, and you're using the old school camera, if enough blocks move away from the main machine, the camera will adjust to have as much of the machine on screen at once, and sometimes it doesn't work...
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    Skin packs and sound packs

    I posted once that we should be able to put our own custom sounds in a folder, and then we can assign them to different things on different blocks.
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    Multiverse re loadable controllable cannon

    I never thought of that.
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    Multiverse re loadable controllable cannon

    If your talking a standard cannon, you can't reload them. Unless you setup icons or events in the level to increase the ammo count, or reload the cannons when you go over the icon. For instance, I have made a level that starts you with 5 rounds for each cannon, and 150 crossbow bolts, and there...
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    Multiverse re loadable controllable cannon

    You mean, one that can be aimed independent of the machine?
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    Easy Scale Mod [Besiege v0.45 - v0.60+]

    You gotta get the version meant for UPM. The old one doesn't work with UPM. Did you do that, cause I was trying that for a day before I realized what I was doing wrong.
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    spaar's Mod Loader (1.7.1) [Besiege v0.45a]

    I had that problem too. Fortunatly, my laptop still had the modded files, just copied them from there.
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    Is there a way to place Cannons from Zone 9?

    Even by manually editing the map file? Object ID? Something like that?
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    Stone buildings are bugged

    Turn off physics for the blocks, in the block settings. Downside, you have to do it for each block.