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  1. RaptorJesus

    Amazing Trickshot

    Hey, I found this gif browsing 9gag. Unfortunally, I don't know who did this Attached Files
  2. RaptorJesus

    SpeedRun topic - Rules Records !

    Hello everybody ! Let's get some fun and healthy competition going to help make Besiege even more exciting. I propose to make 3 categories to let people express their talent. A run concern the whole game. At this point of evolution of the game (beta 0.05) not all levels are available. You have...
  3. RaptorJesus

    please rate my future youtube intro

    hey, my youtube channel is about Besiege and i plan to put an intro to each video. Please feel free to tell me what you think about it !
  4. RaptorJesus

    High velocity ballast pass trough objects

    hi, while working on my speedrun, i encountred some issues with my ballasts in few levels (standing stone & mining site) my projectiles pass trough the items. test by yourself (time slider to 1%, press SPACE then immediatly Y) Attached Files High Velocity Ballast.bsg
  5. RaptorJesus

    Ipsilon SpeedRun - full game in 5,47 seconds - insane time !

    Hey folks, recently i worked on a Multi-segment SpeedRun of the ipsilon island. i managed to finish the 15 levels for a total of 00:05:47 - 5,47 seconds [video=youtube;NOQEsnSBIFM][/video] I used the time indicated by the game at the completion...
  6. RaptorJesus

    All Levels without touching the keyboard - Full-auto machines

    Hi folks, I challenged myself with an awesome idea. Beat all the levels only with automatic machines. PRESS PLAY AND LET IT GO ! i tried to use various game mechanics to achieve the challenge. perpetual motion propeller propulsion fire to activate cannons trickshots quadcopters download the...
  7. RaptorJesus

    suggestion : the how to share your war machine in the sub-forums

    Hey admins, I've seen too much posts of people showing their machines without photos. i think this is very important in a machine presentation. i know there is this post but the main forum is not really visible. people mostly go to the sub-forums directly. i propose to post the sticky thread...
  8. RaptorJesus

    The Ipsilon Challenge - All levels with the smallest block count !

    Hi folks, I'm here to start a challenge with you ! THE IPSILON CHALLENGE Beat The Ipsilon Island with the smallest machine possible Your beast must have the smallest block count possible. Your beast must beat all levels without modifications. Your beast must be available to...