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  1. FireDevil


    I have made 3 Superweapons The Superchared and The Sphere are fun to use in The Duke's plea and other lvls in Tolbrynd. Warning!!!! Only run in 1-3% speed or it will lagg a lot with a bad pc!!! Thumbnails of 2 Superweapon(s) Attached Files Fire Sphere! .bsg Supercharged...
  2. FireDevil

    Super Off road.

    A vehnicle with good suspension. Mods: Unlimeted cannons. Spaars modloader for Unlimeted cannons Controls: Arrow keys mark the direction you go, Left arrow key is left, Forward arrow key is forward, Backward arrow key is backward, Right arrow key is right, C is fire cannons Numpad 1 is spike...