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  1. lotsofone

    Why does LevelEditor still have a bounds in SP?

    At first I thought LevelEditor has an uncancelable bounds in MV because position information need to be compressed for net transmition. But in v1.0, in SP, there is still the hard limit. So what is the reason for that?
  2. lotsofone

    I think this is a memory leak bug

    Here are some code of ColorLevelBlock PhysicMaterial is unmanaged resource, and should be released with Object.Destroy(material) when the level block is removed. But I just cannot find this call. Collider.material method creates an copy of the PhysicMaterial. You should use...
  3. lotsofone

    I just found it impossible to write a FocusFix mod. It has to be done vanillaly.

    What feathres do I want: 1. focus on a relative point of an object instead of zero point. It's useful when focus on a large object. For example, I want to build something on an mountain and want to focus on the mountain top, but the zero point is at the bottom of the mountain. 2. keep camera...
  4. lotsofone

    Crashed many times recently

    Here are some crash reports. Recently my Besiege have a 50% change of crash on launch.
  5. lotsofone

    Just published Hard Scale Mod, able to do linked object scaling! This mod is used to scale multiple blocks together. Also it has full function of Easy Scale. NOTICE: not compatible with Easy Scale since we both operate scaling. Select some blocks with advanced building tool. Scale up! Also...
  6. lotsofone

    OnBlockInit() is not called for the very first starting block when I first enter multiverse

    The code below is written in Mod.OnLoad(): Events.OnBlockInit += new Action<Block>((Block block) => this.AddMyBehaviour(block.InternalObject)); And then, if I enter multiverse just after I launched the game, the first starting block we see won't have the OnBlockInit method called. And the...
  7. lotsofone

    Coping parameter can result in slider value exceed

    Operating System windows 10 System Specs 12G RAM 1T disk Game Version 0.75-9199 Steps to reproduce bug or what you were doing when the bug occurred : First place a shrapnel cannon and a cannon, and set the shrapnel cannon's power value to 4.0, press ctrl+C to copy its parameter And...
  8. lotsofone

    My custom mapper type doesn't work in multiverse. What's the correct way to create a mapper type?

    Pastebin : This is the MVector3 mapper type that I want to add to my mod. Copied from BraceCube mod. I found that BraceCube mod has a good mapper type and added it to my mod. Everything worked well in single-player mode. But when I enter multiverse to use...
  9. lotsofone

    Level Editor loads the level xml wrongly.

    I supposed that the order of attributes of an element in an xml file doesn't matter. So, "<Rotation x="-7.536443E-15" y="0.7071068" z="-2.304046E-07" w="0.7071068" />" and "<Rotation w="0.7071068" x="-7.536443E-15" y="0.7071068" z="-2.304046E-07" />" should have the same meaning. However, in...
  10. lotsofone

    Map events continues to be executed at time scale 0%, because of a wait event problem.

    Operating System : Win 10 System Specs : 12G RAM, 1T disk Game Version : 0.70-8972 The visible phenomenon of the bug is that even if we drag the time scale to 0%, the events continues to be executed, while those events contains wait events. Steps to reproduce bug : First...
  11. lotsofone

    Physics behave strangely, center of gravity doesn't seems to be right.

    OS: win 10 Game Version: v0.60.0-6437 I made a stuff in 0.45 like this. One ballast and one metal plate. Anything work well in 0.45. I have difficulty uploading images and files. So I decide to divide this thread into some floors. I will describe the problem in the following...
  12. lotsofone

    Since the suspension can only be compressed by only one block /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

    I felt really sad about this(>﹏<) Make a structure like the picture below In 0.30 it can be compressed as long as you want But in 0.32, there is no way to compress it by more than one block. It will get stuck! Oh, my mortars and machine guns are dead.( ⊙ o ⊙ ) They...
  13. lotsofone

    Quantum Engine has been publicized. We in a way don`t want that bug fixed now. Here X极限战士X publicized the quantum technology. The internal stress make the wheel rotates quickly You got a throttle with leaner control! This is the basic structure of the engine, a steering hinge and a brace. Simple and easy to build. When...
  14. lotsofone

    A plane with quantum rudder!

    My friend X极限战士X made a plane! He adopted the latest quantum rudder. The whole plane only contains 49 blocks. The pitch, roll and yaw control are all included. Look at some gif, can you imagine how this auto-return rudder was built? And look at the ballast, it seems to "float" inside the...
  15. lotsofone

    A bug that has been existing for a long time.

    I hope the GIF is working. As it is showed in the gif, We built such stuff. When I use the god tool to drag the right one up and down, it works out correctly. But when it comes to the left one, the right one will also rotate following the left one. This does not only happen in spinning blocks...
  16. lotsofone

    Since pistons can be extended in build mode

    Now we can extend pistons in build mode. This is really a good function. What about sliders? I wonder whether sliders can be extended in build mode in the next update.
  17. lotsofone

    Flipping the steering hinge doesn`t flip the angle limit

    I am going to report something again. This time I am not sure whether it can be called a bug or whether other people will think the same as me. Just an advice. It's about the steering hinge. As we know, flipping a steering hinge can change it's rotation direction. The v0.25 adds the angle...
  18. lotsofone

    But report: non-existent block bug

    When I start the Besiege, check the block count, I can see the block count has been 2. However there is only a starting block there. Then try something more: Load a maching, save the maching. Then load it again, you will see the block count has been added by 1. And the block count adds by 1...
  19. lotsofone

    In v0.25, I can`t delete machine files in Besiege.

    I open my Besiege, press the load botton, see many machine files. I attempt to delete it, but failed. So I have to delete it from the window's file explorer.