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    The blood in my game is green (ish)

    I didn't install a mod that is supposed to do this. Any ideas? Blood pools and splats are all green (ish).
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    In the block settings window, what does the button above the keybind do?

    See topic. The button looks like a letter "A" crossed out, and if you click it, an arrow goes around it and it seems to disable the buttons for the block.
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    Is there a way to place Cannons from Zone 9?

    Even by manually editing the map file? Object ID? Something like that?
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    Is there a guide for what the icons mean in build mode mean?

    Like, for instance, the "Reload Machine" event, I figured out some of the icons for the ammo types, but what do the others mean? Also, what is the difference between "Reload Machine" and "Each Weapon"? So many questions!
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    Hey! Does anyone know how to get the horn mod to work on the lastest version of Besiege?

    I really wanna add some sound effects to certain machines. On the other hand, if anyone knows how to edit the sound files for the game I would love to know! Thanks!
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    My modded blocks are sorta missing, but not

    Hi, just wondered if anyone knows what is going on with my install? I had two modded blocks installed, Cloaking Field and Panel Block. They worked great, and so I wanted to try the Tracking Computer block, but when I installed it, all my modded blocks have disappeared from the modded block menu...