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  1. AnduinX

    Chinook - Beats all 20 levels!

    One advantage I've noticed with wings is that they seem to eliminate most propeller wobble. They seem to behave almost like balloons and allow for stationary hovering with much less user micromanagement. They're perfect for floating weapon platforms.
  2. AnduinX

    Chinook - Beats all 20 levels!

    That's damn nice. I've never seen a helicopter move at those speeds. I think it's even faster than some planes.
  3. AnduinX

    Battlecruiser Mk.3 [0.08]

    If I could I'd have used no propellers at all. I prefer adjustable wings as they seem much more stable. I used propellers on the side due to space constraints.
  4. AnduinX

    Looking For War Machines For YouTube Series

    You can use any of my designs if you want. Youtube: BesiegeDownloads: I've also got some designs here on this site.
  5. AnduinX

    Battlecruiser Mk.3 [0.08]

    Battlecruiser Mk.3 I normally prefer to build smaller, faster, and more maneuverable aircraft that run at 100% speed. This is my exception. This is my Battlecruiser. I sacrificed speed to carry a ridiculous amount of firepower. The Battlecruiser carries 8 long range missiles and 8...
  6. AnduinX

    Stable Copter, Bomber, and Gunship

    Looking forward to seeing it :P
  7. AnduinX

    Stable Copter, Bomber, and Gunship

    Glad you liked it :)
  8. AnduinX

    Stable Copter, Bomber, and Gunship

    It seems like the stable copter can hover almost indefinitely. I've left it for many minutes at a time. The missiles give it a slight forward lean though, so with weapons it can't be left alone for long periods of time.
  9. AnduinX

    Cataclysm MIRV Launcher

    Cataclysm Guided MIRV Missile Launcher This vehicle rides on saw blades and carries four guided MIRV missiles. Vehicle Controls Up/Back: Move Forward / Move Backward Right/Left: Turn right / Turn left Missile Controls 1: accelerate/launch upper left missile 2: separate bombs from...
  10. AnduinX

    Stable Copter, Bomber, and Gunship

    Stable Copter, Gunship, and Bomber Flight Controls Up: Increase altitude Down: Decrease altitude Right/Left: Turn Numpad 8: Front side down Numpad 2: Back side down Numpad 4: Left side down Numpad 6: Right side down Gunship Controls Numpad 7: Accelerate/release lower missiles...
  11. AnduinX

    Whirlwind - Rotating Bomb Artillery [0.05]

    Whirlwind This machine spins 16 bombs around at a ridiculously fast speed. It hurls these bombs 4 at a time, and is capable of launching all 16 bombs in less than 1 second. Controls Up/Down: Move Forward/Move Backward Right/Left: Turn Right/Turn Left Numpad 0, 1, 2, and 3 fire...
  12. AnduinX

    Backflipping Attacker Plane

    Backflipping Attacker Plane Controls Numpad 5: Accelerate or Lift off Numpad 2: Nose up Numpad 8: Nose down Numpad 4: Turn left Numpad 6: Turn right Numpad 0: Fire missiles Notes Unlike my fighter, this plane was designed to fly slower. By stalling and tapping accelerate the attacker...
  13. AnduinX

    Mechanical tips (braces ballast instead of wood, triangulation)

    On the subject of metal wheels, I just made a guide that shows how to use circular saws to move. They seem superior in every way to wheels.
  14. AnduinX

    How to use circular saws as wheels

    I made a tutorial today that shows how to create a vehicle that uses circular saws instead of wheels. The saws are far faster than wood wheels, immune to fire, and any enemy infantry that so much as taps them dies instantly.
  15. AnduinX

    High atmosphere guided missile concept

    These are unmodded missiles. I always add flamethrowers to my missiles, even if they don't do anything. They're just so cool looking. It would be nice if we did get some kind of rockets. I wouldn't have to rely on flying spirals anymore :P
  16. AnduinX

    Steel Rain Mk.2 [0.05]

    Steel Rain Mk.2 This is a long range missile artillery vehicle with an archer shield. When launching missiles, be careful not to ignite neighboring missiles. After launching a missile do not make radical turns until you have cleared some distance from the main launching platform...
  17. AnduinX

    Rage Prime

    Yeah, the upper body is lifted by the pistons. The legs walk directly underneath the upper body. The upper body is lowered onto the legs. It was the only way to get a giant robot within the constraints of the box :P
  18. AnduinX

    Predator Mk.2 [0.05]

    Predator Mk.2 This is an assault vehicle meant for close to mid range combat. For long range precision hits, I use Steel Rain instead. Controls Up/Down: Move forward / Move backward Right/Left: Turn right / Turn left Numpad 1: Fire left missile cannon Numpad 2: Fire middle missile...
  19. AnduinX

    Rage Prime

    This was my brother's work. It is his first attempt at a walker. It is 16 blocks high and fits inside the mission box. It does not require invincibility and can be used to beat missions. Its eyebrows are adjustable to show varying degrees of anger. It has flaming balls for eyes and flamethrower...