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  1. Von

    Version 1.0 Changelog

    Changelog Version: 1.0-11012 Date: 18-02-2020 ### Added - Added sensor, altimeter, logic gate and timer blocks - Added the new Krolmar island with 10 exciting challenges - Added level editor only mode to the main menu - Added Misty Mountain sandbox level - Added Credits - Added button to...
  2. Von

    Besiege V1.0 & Full Release on 18th of February!

    Hello Everyone! Today we are proud to announce that Besiege V1.0 will be released on the 18th of February, bringing the game out of early access! #BesiegeV1 What will be in the V1.0 update I hear you ask? Well, let’s dive right into it shall we? First and foremost V1.0 will bring the final...
  3. Von

    Besiege Version 0.85-10458 Released - Cloud Saving & Bug Fixes

    Hello Everyone! We hope you’re all having a good week! Today we’ve got another small update for you V0.85-10458! Version 0.86 adds cloud saving support to Steam (Another popular requested feature) so you’ll never again lose your war machines or level progress if you change computer or take a...
  4. Von

    Update 0.85 - Campaign Levels, Key Rebinding, Machine Sorting, Performance Boosts, 80+ Bug Fixes and More!

    Hello Everyone! Today we’ve got another update for you, Version 0.85-10322! This update contains the last 2 Valfross levels & a whole bunch of features; rebinding base game controls, war machine sorting, new optional controls, respawn zones for multiplayer, more achievements, various...
  5. Von

    Update V0.85-10322 Patch Notes

    Version 0.85 Changelog ADDITIONAL CONTENT: - Added game controls rebinding - Added optional new controls - Sorting file browsing bidirectionally for both date based and alphanumeric sorting. - Added Level Mountain Barrier - Added Level Revolving Monolith - 4 Added...
  6. Von

    How do I update the Game?

    If you shoot us an email with your email address I can check the Humble databaseand see if you purchased it there.
  7. Von

    Please, please! FIX THIS BS

    I've spoken to the devs about this and we agree that it is an annoying issue to encounter. It's been added to the to-do list.
  8. Von

    I bought the game on GOG but the game is still on version 0.60 and is missing months of updates

    There are currently no limits on the size of your machine in Besiege, the boundary box can be disabled, allowing you to build as large as you like. We are of course always on the look out for optimizations that can be made to Besiege, however Besiege is an extremely physics heavy game and it is...
  9. Von

    I bought the game on GOG but the game is still on version 0.60 and is missing months of updates

    Multiverese servers are hosted using the host player's computer yes, there are no plans to change this. Edit: I also believe the next update is a re-work of the options menu which should allow most keys to be rebound. The estimated release is next week.
  10. Von

    I bought the game on GOG but the game is still on version 0.60 and is missing months of updates

    I believe it should be available through the website as well.. Perhaps the website has to be updated manually by GOG, or perhaps it takes longer for the website to update. Apologies again for the inconvenience.
  11. Von

    I bought the game on GOG but the game is still on version 0.60 and is missing months of updates

    What operating system are you using? Edit: You may wish to restart the GOG client, the build was uploaded approximately 2 hours ago, so the client may need refreshing.
  12. Von

    I bought the game on GOG but the game is still on version 0.60 and is missing months of updates

    Apologies for the inconvenience, the builds should now be up to date on GOG. We had some trouble with the build creators for GOG but the issue has now been resolved.
  13. Von

    Update V0.66.0-7835 - Overview Keymapper

    Hello everyone! Today we have another update for you which brings the new Overview Keymapper from the experimental branch in to the live build. The revamped keymapper allows you to see blocks grouped by their keybindings allowing you to easily rebind the entire machine’s control scheme to...
  14. Von

    Why we don't have a water level or water sandbox in besiege?

    Because water is a tall order when making a physics game. If we decide to do water, we want it to feel good to play with and have a decent semblance of realism. Given how physics intensive Besiege is, it would be no easy task to accomplish.
  15. Von

    Is there a reason the old sandbox was nixed?

    If memory serves, there were a number of technical bugs with the level and we weren't very happy with the aesthetic of the level either. Truth be told the original sandbox was rather hastily thrown together pre-launch and wasn't intended for longevity.
  16. Von

    Replay Feature

    Yeah, doing a more machinima type system would be the only option really. I'll bring it up with the devs and see what they think, but as you say it'd definitely be a low priority at this point.
  17. Von

    Replay Feature

    It would not be possible to record play actions and then simulate what happens again because the physics engine is random and not determinate. Theoretically it'd be possible to collect all the cluster information that's sent during a session and then perhaps create a process where that can be...
  18. Von

    Now that multi-key mapping is an official part of the game...

    I will pass this along to the developers but tbh this isn't how the spirals would work if reversed ^^'
  19. Von

    More than 9 players in a game

    The main reason for the limit is performance, we weren't entirely sure whether having more players would cause lag an instability. The limit may be increased in the future, once we're sure things are working well! :)
  20. Von

    Respawning while on insignia doesn't trigger "exit" event.

    Thank you for the report! :)