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  1. Ubus

    Beta 0.8 bug

    using windows 10, steam, nvidia 950, amd A8-7600 . I cant change keys in creations. at all. problem persists even after several restarts.
  2. Ubus

    Beta branch advanced building bug

    I am using the beta branch, and when i try to turn blocks, they often glitch far away, so that i have to bring them back with strg-z Edit: sometimes the translation arrows stay at the place the block was before. using windows 10, steam, nvidia 950, amd A8-7600
  3. Ubus

    complex vanilla planes

    anyone into building planes in vanilla? If yes, feel free to talk about them and ask questions on this thread!
  4. Ubus

    plane starts wobbeling in mid-air

    some of my creations just start bending and wobbeling a minute into flight, they get uncontrollable and crash. i dont know why, and need help, no video, because my upload speed is shit.
  5. Ubus

    alternative controlls on a Block

    is there a way to assign two different keys to weels and hinges? even if it involves editing the save file.
  6. Ubus

    Extended Skin Packs

    How about making NPCs Re-skinnable?
  7. Ubus

    how to build sturdy moving parts?

    i'm building planes with moving wingparts, placed on steering hinges. but every time i try to make stunts in the air, the hinge cant hold the force and breaks. is there a way to make almost rigid hinges?
  8. Ubus

    Sailing competition!

    A new watermod!!!! and with it a new iteration of the sailing competition! the rules are simple: build a ship with at least two sails, use it to sail on a map with global wind, wind strength: mass 10/force 20, no mod blocks, no negative values, no motors, ballons are allowed. post a link to...
  9. Ubus

    helicopter problem.

    My helicopter flies with oppositional rotating rotors, but after a while, they start to wobble until they collide with the other rotor. please help me find a solution. note: since adobe flash is constantly crashing, I cant upload any files for assistance, just download...
  10. Ubus

    Linux bugs (Maybe)

    So I, as well as another user ( have this problem: the mod loader wont work, but it doesn’t seem to be a OpenGL problem. another great problem is that creations are loaded without the...