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  1. ITR

    Need some help

    It's easier to get an answers to questions like this on the discord ^^
  2. ITR

    I have a Mac and don't see data files

    If you have the steam version you can just download the mods through steam instead
  3. ITR

    where do you find people machine that you installed on steam workshop

    Do you mean in-game, on steam, or on your computer?
  4. ITR

    How to create mod

    We use c#, check here for an introduction to Besiege Modding: For more help, try asking on the discord
  5. ITR

    Aerodinamics of Propellers

    Flip them before rotating. Left one spins, right one goes forward
  6. ITR

    Is there any way to remove the ice effect?

    I think it's possible with the object explorer mod?
  7. ITR

    Can you help me install the Scale mod for Besiege 1.0?

    You should be able to install it through the steam workshop
  8. ITR

    Easy Scale Mod [Besiege v0.45 - v0.60+]

    No, AFAIK, but I think there's a version of EasyScale on steam
  9. ITR


    Hey, seems like you accidentally posted three empty posts, I'mma delete them for you ^^ good job on the machine btw!
  10. ITR

    Cant click anything?

    Do you have advanced building enabled?
  11. ITR

    Visual bug with shadows.

    What is the bug?
  12. ITR

    New/Improved Aerodynamics

    I'm not sure PhysX supports that yet
  13. ITR

    please explain to me how it works

    The brace gives it more mass, which makes a different part spin
  14. ITR

    Alguien mas en 2020?

    Check out the discord, people are a lot more active there!
  15. ITR

    Meu mods não funcionam (My mods do not work)

    They're not saved to that folder, that's for local mods
  16. ITR

    Meu mods não funcionam (My mods do not work)

    It sometimes takes time for it to download. Try playing again now to see if they're in the mod list.
  17. ITR

    [SOLVED] How do i open in-game console? [SOLVED]

    Yeah, that's usually to the right of L
  18. ITR

    Where can I get the latest version of Spaar's Modloader

    Hi, the modloader is now part of the game so it doesn't have to be downloaded separately
  19. ITR

    Construct castles

    Yup, check out the level-editor!