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  1. ITR

    Multiple map sizes for MV maps!

    When you reach high numbers you'll have problems with floating point imprecision, so that wouldn't work. You could make a map that moved the map so it stayed centered around you, but that wouldn't work well with multiplayer. I guess a map that teleported you to the other side whenever you...
  2. ITR

    I need help with my code

    No, but that works, I guess. Not completely sure what you're trying to do, but what you're doing is probably way off. Try following the tutorial to make a mod first.
  3. ITR

    I need help with my code

    If you're gonna send code, paste it in a PasteBin and send the link, rather than putting it directly in the post
  4. ITR

    Weird physics problem

    Oh, I didn't notice. I guess it doesn't completely remove all friction maybe? Idk, I don't make that many flying creations. Maybe @Shade knows
  5. ITR

    Weird physics problem

    You need to apply counter-torque, I think? Add another propeller on the back that turns the other way
  6. ITR

    block collision ?

    Probably due to SVG, easiest fix is probably just not putting drills with 2.0 speed on all faces of the starting cube, I think
  7. ITR

    Blurry text and menus.

    I think it's specifically the text being blurry, unity has some issues with that sometimes. Does it happen on all resolutions? Do you have multiple screens?
  8. ITR

    Spinning block reversible?

    I think most people use wheels, there should be some tutorials on common building tricks on youtube and steam.
  9. ITR

    Spinning block reversible?

    You can change their direction by hovering the mouse over them and pressing F I think
  10. ITR

    Running Slow

    Oh, and if you're not using the steam version you can launch the game through the console with the parameters franz suggested
  11. ITR

    Running Slow

    Try redownloading it, if that doesn't work, share your output log so we can see if we spot anything
  12. ITR

    It says connecting to NAT

    That's strange, did you download it through steam? If so, try opening it through steam. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling.
  13. ITR

    Can I somehow bypass the security restrictions on the modloader?

    That's not possible for workshop mods, but you could always use the plugin manager to make a mod for yourself
  14. ITR

    Cannot upload anything to steam workshop (nor update existing items)

    Try pressing "Apply" instead of "OK"
  15. ITR

    ACM - Advanced Controls Mod [Besiege v0.45]

    As mentioned in your edit, it probably won't work without reflection
  16. ITR

    Cannot upload anything to steam workshop (nor update existing items)

    Square means some of the subfolders are set to read-only. If it goes back to a square I guess they get set back to read-only again somehow, strange. Did you make sure none of the subfolders were open in any programs? That shouldn't matter but might be good to try just in case.
  17. ITR

    Einstein's Theory Of General Relativity (So we can screw around with physics in Besiege further)

    Besiege is written in Unity, it's not feasible to implement this, I'd believe.
  18. ITR

    Multiverse bug

    Can you upload your output log? Have you tried reinstalling the game?