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  1. Aionir

    Hexilion Warship

    My new design, that incorporates my brand new engine type, which I have codenamed "Hexilion" (C) - hence the name of the aircraft. I am pretty satisfied with this concept, although it ended far heavier than I imagined before starting. Most likely I will make smaller and lightweight unit in the...
  2. Aionir

    Bomb Slingshot

    Bomb Slingshot is the apex of bomb shotting technology - compromise between powerful long-range ballista and mobile&compact design. Features and innovations: - lightweight and stabile chassis with aiming mechanism - providing high mobility and easy aiming - powerful shotting mechanism - allowing...
  3. Aionir

    Hover Bomber Ground Grinder - full walkthrough

    Don't be too harsh, first upload here ;) Not only it can beat all levels, but it's like playing the game on easy mode - full walkthrough on youtube ;) Works without god powers, mods and fits in the box. The box content is: - Autobalancing Hover Bomber - armed with 9 bombs, easy to control...