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  1. SSsylver

    Block Spawner [Spaar`s Automatron 1.1.6] [Besiege v0.45]

    Hello! I wanted to give a try to besiege modding and I ended up with this ! A spaar's Automatron addon that let you spawn blocks using the automatron! Installation You need to have the spaar's Automatron 1.1.6 and more installed in order to work, then simply put the .dll into your mod folder...
  2. SSsylver

    Modding Resources

    Sorry for the bump but the forums links don't work because of the migration to XenForo
  3. SSsylver

    Mod Requests

    Hey! I was going into my old creations when i wanted to change a setting on each rope (i have about ~20 or more rope) and i don't really want to change them one by one. So it is possible to make a mod that let you select every block of a specific type and change the option for every block of...
  4. SSsylver

    Help with skin pack.

    Hmmm dont know about that. But have you done what i sayed and does it work now?
  5. SSsylver

    Help with skin pack.

    What block do you want to modify ? If its the bomb you need to have the right named folder (Bomb) and rename the obj as Bomb.obj ant the png as bombnotex_png
  6. SSsylver

    Mod Requests

    Ahh rivers ! i always wanted Water Levels in Besiege like Rivers or lakes. It will be so beautiful!
  7. SSsylver

    Mechanix - mechanical blocks mod suggestions thread

    Wow thats a lot of blocks ! But it will be useful to have them so good luck for modelling and coding
  8. SSsylver

    I see people are already being creative with skinpacks.

    Yay I agree too. Some people have so nice ideas like the Vermillion's skins (they are so beautiful :cool:) And yeah Im hyped !
  9. SSsylver

    (Not Updated) Level Maker Mod [Spaar`s Modloader]

    This mod hasn't been updated for 0.30
  10. SSsylver

    spaar's Mod Loader (1.7.1) [Besiege v0.45a]

    Try this :
  11. SSsylver

    My little modded Plane

    Hello guys ! Today Ï want to show you my just finished Work : This flying little thing that I made. It can take off but not land (rockets are hard to stop without crashing) In Flight It also have two cameras (switch by using "F") : one following and one First Person Controls...
  12. SSsylver

    collider models

    You mean you want to modify the Collide box of the blocks too?
  13. SSsylver

    Sandbox Easter eggs!

    I found an other one ! (idk what is it?) Edit: Oh nevermind its a tent. Attached Files
  14. SSsylver

    Tutorial ~ How to Use and Create a Custom Skin Pack

    Ya it will be useful if we can have the basic texture and know how Iit will be applied on the blocks
  15. SSsylver

    Tutorial ~ How to Use and Create a Custom Skin Pack

    Wow besiege will be so customizable now! Awesome idea!
  16. SSsylver

    Precision Building Project 2 [Spaar`s Modloader] [Besiege 0.42+]

    Yes, you need it like for all other mods.
  17. SSsylver

    Cloak Field Generator Block [ID:528529][Besiege 0.32]

    Ehmmm idk if its a bug but when a wood piece in invicible mode is flamed while cloacked, after being uncloacked it looks like this (it looks pretty cool) Attached Files
  18. SSsylver

    [OUTDATED] Water Mod 2 [Spaar`s Modloader]

    The mod hasn't been updated for 0.27
  19. SSsylver

    Cloak Field Generator Block [ID:528529][Besiege 0.32]

    Wow Invisble planes will attack us from everywhere! Btw Cool and nice mod
  20. SSsylver

    Advanced Lasers v0.2 [v0.27][ID: 778-779]

    Logically lasers are light and you can't really range it but you can stop the laser in the kinetic mode.