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  1. flanker

    Can't use mods

    Hey guys I am a new user, however I have played this game before on my friend's pc. I'm facing a problem now. Mods aren't working in my game. Can anyone help??
  2. flanker

    any mods?

    can i limit the roation of a wheel or steering block using any mod?
  3. flanker

    Which Mods

    Which mods do you guys use to merge two or three blocks? Like the wings of an aircraft
  4. flanker

    Tejas Mk-II

  5. flanker

    Plane keeps rolling and rolling

    can anyone figure out what's wrong with this plane??
  6. flanker

    Lagging problem

    this game lags a lot! any suggestions?
  7. flanker

    Having trouble with creating a Tornado multi-role aircraft

    hey guys, I'm new here. I've been playing this game for couple of weeks. So I saw Shade's Xfa-27 and tried to make a Tornado. The main body of the plane is complete. I'm having problem with the engine, lift and roll. If anyone wants to help download the plane from this link...