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    Something wrong with aerodynamics?

    I only started playing 0.45 recently, up until I now I was playing the 0.30 version. One thing I've noticed in 0.45 is that planes have a tendency to roll and yaw to the right all by themselves, which can be pretty annoying and inconvenient when flying since I have to constantly make small...
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    Mod request: mirror block

    Recently I've been playing around with wang_w571's kickass Laser Emitter mod and I thought it would be cool to have a block that could reflect the laser beam like mirrors in real life reflect light (taking into account the angle of incidence and everything). I don't know how hard it would be to...
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    Updating a few old mods

    Up until now I've been playing in the old 0.11 version because I couldn't be bothered getting all the updated mods every time Besiege got a new patch. However once I checked 0.30 out and saw that gorgeous new sandbox I knew I had to fly my planes in it. Problem is, my planes always relied on...