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  1. TheCVB

    TheCVB's Mod Releases [Spaar's Modloader]

    From now on I'm going to release every mod I create or update here, because I don't want to spam the forum with threads everytime. This keeps all my releases in one place and let's me organize them better. Mod Releases: (v0.32) Axis Lock Block (Name needs improvement): It can lock every axis...
  2. TheCVB

    Updated Level Maker Mod [Spaar`s Modloader] [v0.3]

    Since TesseractCat seems to be inactive now, I updated one of the mods to v0.30 because it seemed to be completely broken and i saw someone mention it on the forums recently. Most things from the old post are still valid, so if you need info on the mod, you can go there. Changes to the mod: I...