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  1. Cristagolem

    [SOLVED] How do i open in-game console? [SOLVED]

    I was reading the new documentation that says: yeah but, how do i open the console? I tried the following keys: [Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Shift+C, Alt+K, Tab+K, Alt+C] none of them worked, so what is the keybind or the method to open this console?:confused:
  2. Cristagolem

    [WIP] More Bombs For Besiege (Mod)

    this mod will add to the game more bombs, that include: it will be a bit, cause i'm new to the modding, i will like advice 'bout to program mod more easy(with "more easy" i specify i know to program but i don't know to compile) i hope you'll all like, and i want to say my next mod next to...
  3. Cristagolem

    Ideas for a mod?

    Hi! I'm a new mod developer here and i searching ideas for a mod, please not too hard to make, i'm new to the place, thanks for reading(idea author will be mentioned)