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  1. DenKo

    Second idea for new block

    My second idea for new block.Say at once I know that there is such a mod,but he working not such a good.Well this block will be working like a turret and he can rotate to the cursor,problem of the current fashion is that he rotating only on 1 axis,block of my idea will rotate on 2 axes Well,I...
  2. DenKo

    Ability to create your own blocks

    Hello everyone.Today i will told you all my own idea.Mb somebody thought already about it,but i hope its only my idea.So what is this idea?It create your own blocks,BUT not new blocks but from existing ones.Explain:we are have all blocks,but sometimes we need to create for example suspension or...
  3. DenKo

    bug report

    please fix this i dont like it( i delete game and istall it not help me
  4. DenKo

    barrel of oil

    please add a barrel of oil barrel of oil need (exspload how bomb or pouring oil) and pouring oil oil need will how ice(sliding) and ignite TEXTURE: a barrel that is in the game with a tap P.S sorry if I wrong wrote words
  5. DenKo

    creating your own blocks

    creating your own blocks I want to have such an opportunity! this function block this block size is possible block this control block this scaling block
  6. DenKo

    skins for game cards

    add this feature to change the skin of the map