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    Bombproof Gatling Gun Quad that destrosy ipsilon Bricks!

    With inspiration from Neutex, some missiles from x极限战士x, a thumbnail from Fnom3 and some patience, here is the Powerhouse! Controls and everything in the download link Attached Files
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    All-In-One Vehicle: the Overkill (Tank, Bomber, Dropship)

    This is what happens when I build on one vehicle for too long. Download
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    I can :(

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    Star Wars A-Wing (NO ZERO-G!): Flies to the moon!

    I finally uploaded it! Attached Files
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    Transforming Quad/Tank - Tons of weapons!

    Presenting: The Quad/Tank Transformer! I can't thank Neutex enough for making the glorious thumbnail! He made the awesome background thing, I only did the arrows+banner. This uses my compacted version of Core's missile. "Great work! It can be driven on the ground and carries a ton of...
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    Unfreezable Stunt Bomber (Gyroscopic controls)

    By popular demand, here is my first plane (thanks to ederly for fixing an issue with asymmetrical propellor blades!). I would like to thank everyone for a 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel, you are awesome! The A-26B Invader (Download) The goal wasn't to make an A-26B Invader, but it...
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    ULV - Gyroscopic Stunts, Missiles, Wall-Climbing and Suspension!

    Do you think the Block Widow is too small? And that it has too few missiles? And is too cute? THEN THIS WILL BE YOUR FAVOURITE VEHICLE. Well, it might not be your favourite vehicle, but it can do a lot of stuff. It can even fly! Watch the vid to see everything it can do :) Download...
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    Hexacopter that does loopings with 8 bombs!

    Introducing: The HexaHawk! This beast has 6 rotors, 8 bombs (you can put more on), and tons of reaction wheels to do loopings, corkscrews, whatever you want! The best news? It didn't break in v0.2 DOWNLOAD
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    Alternative to the scramjet v0.2 (no button spamming)

    I made an alternative to the scramjet using a gatling gun! Of course you need the infinite ammo god mode for that, but this one is special because you can just toggle the piston and boost away! Download
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    It doesn`t fly, but it does do backflips and wheelies! (More scramjets!)

    A tank/car that can use the scramjet glitch and it does wheelies and backflips, what more could you ask for?Don't say flying. Download
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    New awesome speed glitch: Scramjet water cannons!

    People over on reddit have been going crazy about this for the past week, and I played around with it too, but I haven't seen any vehicles using it on the forum. It's essentially a stock/vanilla way of making a jet, the only hard part is, you need to get quite some speed before you can use the...
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    Supersonic quadcopter/plane hybrid! (uses scramjet glitch)

    Download This is my scramjet plane/quad hybrid aka SP/QH This is a video showcasing my experimental vehicles and ending with the SP/QH. Tell me what you think! There's a Ckuck Yeager quote hidden somewhere in the machine too! Also, I prefer it when people download from the workshop, so i can...
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    A different kind of challenge...

    Hi! So I've recently completed the chicken challenge with this vehicle. Then I fooled around with it, and decided to see how many zones it could complete if I put bombs on it. Surprisingly I managed to beat a lot. Even Duke's Scouts (the balloons one). I have actualy beaten every zone with it...