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    Multiple Selection

    Multiple selection with copy/cut/paste and mirror should already be part of the vanilla editor, mods should not be required.
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    Initial States

    It would be nice to be able to set the initial states of the mobile parts, it would open a huge amount of building posibilities.
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    SensorMod [Spaar`s Automatron 1.1.1+] [Besiege 0.32+]

    Curious, it is Queens fodder the one that may have a different floor, thanks anyway
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    Automatron (1.1.7) [Besiege v0.45] [spaar's Mod Loader] [ID 410]

    Hi Spaar, I have been using this mod together with the sensor mod and it is really awesome and simple, however I think there is a bug that can be very annoying, when using Ctrl z for actions related with the control block the actions inside of it get multiplied, do you know anything about this?
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    SensorMod [Spaar`s Automatron 1.1.1+] [Besiege 0.32+]

    Hmmm I am using it on the Ipsilon levels
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    SensorMod [Spaar`s Automatron 1.1.1+] [Besiege 0.32+]

    Hi ITR, I don't know if it is result of the last updates but when I use the "Sense Floor" button without the "Sense non blocks" one it does not work, is it possible to make the sensor work only with the floor and objects except soldiers? Thanks