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  1. Yolosis

    Excalibur! (Spaceship)

    Recently, we were given new levels in Tolbrynd! If you haven't seen them already, one of the stages is to raise and steal a sword buried within the ground, Soooooooo I thought I could turn this into a spaceship! And wallah! Here it is : Excalibur HAVE FUN!! :D Enjoy ;) Attached Files...
  2. Yolosis

    Forum Ranking System?

    I recently got the rank "Engineer", which I am proud of :) But is there an order of ranks? I understand 3 of them (At least I think so XD) : 1. Peasant 2. Builder 3. Engineer ---------------- Does it depend on what you specialize in? Ex: Mod creators get entitled "Modders"
  3. Yolosis

    Fastest Plane Challenge!

    This was inspired by the "Fastest land car challenge!" by ITAsimo456 . This is a simple challenge, but hopefully it will be a fun challenge! ;) Your goal is to try to create a plane that can travel at the highest speeds possible using certain blocks. It has to be unmodded, which includes: NO...
  4. Yolosis

    Flying Hovercraft!

    When I first played Besiege, I thought of making a Flying Hovercraft, but I didn't build well when I first started, so I delayed that idea until recently! It is multifunctional as a Hovercraft, and a "Plane". It is in its Alpha stages, but it works great if you can learn how to fly it XD I am...
  5. Yolosis

    Double Barrel Fireball Cannon!

    My attempt at a "Weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION!!", or whatever you could call it ;) It uses two hyperspeed projectiles to launch the fireballs out of the barrel, and straight into the eyes of your foes! I recommend putting the speed at 3% - 10% for the best outcome, considering the fireballs are...
  6. Yolosis

    Simple Quadcopter :D

    I thought of trying to make a UFO (Which I will make after this post), but I forgot the frame so this happened! :D It's a really simple, but FUN quadcopter, and if you want more advanced quads, goto Algae for tips and stuff ;) Have fun!! Attached Files Quadcopter !.bsg
  7. Yolosis

    Baby Helicopter! :D

    When I was making a model helicopter, I wondered, "What if I could shrink it down to a smaller size?" Then, this happened! It may give you doubts, but this little guy can travel FAST (Which is why I set the speed to 30% :D) It yaws, it pitches, and it rolls great! It took me about an hour to...
  8. Yolosis

    Compact All Terrain Vehicle!

    This little buggy that I made is a REALLY compact, but really efficient vehicle! It has tank steering, great traction (In my opinion), and has 2 propellers upon it's back that give it the ability to fly upwards and downwards, but I am trying to make it an "Anti-Gravity" type car, that uses these...
  9. Yolosis

    Hoverboard Segway, that Flies.

    If you are a fan of Vines, you would have heard of the "Hoverboard", which is a Segway without the handle. I didn't think about it, but this sort of resembles those features, so why not :D I have built what anyone would call an abomination, but I call it some piece of sh*t that I am fondly in...
  10. Yolosis

    Small Grapple (0.2)

    This is a very simple desgin, but I thought it would be useful if anyone wanted to make a small and compact Fishing boat, or a Vehicle that uses this as a Grabber. I don't really care what you want to do with it, but It does have pretty good range, and reels in perfect, so you can...
  11. Yolosis

    Drone Prototype. (Tips, Advice, Hints would be Helpful ;D)

    This is the first Drone, and flying vehicle, I have ever made, so it probably isn't very good XD I love Besiege though, so I wanted to test out my skills at construction. You can download it, make changes, and reupload it you feel so :D Hope you guys can spice this up, or just have a laugh at it...
  12. Yolosis

    Recent Activity?

    I always check on the forum for Besiege because it's a great place, and I can find some cool people/stuff upon this. But for modding, I haven't seen any new mods lately. I don't know if there is somewhere I don't know about where mods are more frequently seen, because both the list and the...