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  1. Chosaint

    Pneumatic Crossbow

    Most of the time haha, sometimes the bomb makes the grabber top heavy so it bumps into the "railing" as its being projected, so it results in a humorously ironic explosion on ones self.
  2. Chosaint

    Attack Helicopter

    This is a pretty common design from what I see, I reverse engineered it from what I saw on youtube. It can be fairly stable, but sometimes getting it where you want it to go can be a challenge, for me at least. Or maybe its the way I have it setup, if anyone have tips on what I can do to...
  3. Chosaint

    1st motorcycle

    Pretty neat! Thanks for sharing
  4. Chosaint

    Pneumatic Crossbow

    Since Pneumatic is something propelled by Gas or Air, I don't know if this actually qualifies on a technical standpoint. Nevertheless, I quite like this little guy, simple, somewhat crude, but highly effective. Link to video demonstration: Controls...
  5. Chosaint

    Big Wheel Steering [v0.05]

    That is fantastic! Why did I never think of that!?